Taika Waititi Can Play One of These Five Characters in The Suicide Squad

Taika Waititi will be a part of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. That’s exciting news, especially now that he’ll be a part of both Marvel and DC. We comic book movie fans are excited, but it has yet to be confirmed who the actor will be playing. Waititi not only directed Thor: Ragnarok, but played the alien character, Korg, through the magic of motion capture. It was a usually wacky performance, but it worked. Waititi’s ability to play bizarre, outlandish characters allows him to have a wide range of DC characters he can play for The Suicide Squad. There are very many villains to choose from, but I can only imagine that he’ll play a villain that lacks stability. If Gunn isn’t going to confirm who he’ll be playing, now is the time for speculation.

If you’re a lover of DC villains, get ready to listen. Here are five characters Taika Waititi can play in The Suicide Squad.

5. Punch

Taika Waititi killed it with his motion capture performance as Korg. The role just suited him and he was able to show off his goofy acting style. Can he that off without the use of motion capture? Just watch is performance as the imaginary, satirical Adolf Hitler in JoJo Rabbit and you’ll have your answer. Waititi can playa more human character in The Suicide Squad, but that doesn’t mean he has to tone down the goofiness.

There is no Punch without Jewelee. They are basically the Bonnie and Clyde of DC and are considered to be some of it’s silliest villains. The two of them take on the appearance of clowns, but when they’re together, they make deranged duo. Do they sound similar to The Joker and Harley Quinn? They kind of are, but the difference is Punch and Jewelee have a more somewhat stable relationship. They are one messed up couple, but they do love each other. This kind of characters can fit into the movie and Waititi can portray Punch in his most devious, but comedic fashion. Sure, there has to be a Jewelee, but Waititi is the guy who can pull of Punch.

4. Parasite

If Taika Waititi can play a motion capture hero in the MCU, he can play a motion capture villain in the DCEU. One character that comes to mind is the Superman villain called Parasite. This villain has a freakish appearance of a purple mutant with the ability to absorb anyone’s energy through physical contact. He can steal anyone’s powers and mimic them temporarily, making him a dangerous enemy. Waititi can play this character with extreme creepiness. Parasite is like an animal, and all he craves is more power. It’s that kind of villainy that Waititi can pull off by being his usual, over-the-top self. The only aspect he needs to add is the creepiness, something that would mix well with his satirical acting style.

3. Copperhead

Copperhead is just an alias to many criminals. The best version is from the short animated film, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. That version displayed a version of the character with an accent and a freakish appearance. After re-watching the movie and watching that version of Copperhead, I thought about Taika Waititi. He is a master at pulling off accents, even if they are a bit over-the-top. More importantly, Waititi has the tall, slender frame that fits the physicality of Copperhead. The villain’s primary power is his uncanny contortionist abilities. Much like a snake, he can wrap himself around his victims and suffocate them to death.

The coolest thing about Copperhead is his snake-themed suit. It’s bulletproof, flexible, and has a prehensile tail. Even his helmet resembles a snake head, and it contains a two long fangs coated with venomous poison extracted from, you guessed it, copperhead snakes. This costume fits his name and lets him act as a stealthy infiltrator for the Suicide Squad. On top of that, it just makes him look cool. When Waititi acts, he likes to dress up and act weird, so the part of Copperhead would suit him well. Just think of him in make up and an accent. Now that’s a Waititi role.

2. Clock King

A supervillain who is obsessed with clocks? How can that possible work? The villain known as Clock King sounds lame on paper, but he’s got some screws loose. He is madly obsessed with time and a technological genius, modeling all of his gadgety after clocks. What makes him different from other villains is that he is very much human. He may be an unstable villain, but he knows his way around technology.

Waititi has the acting chops to portray the Clock King as an intelligent, and almost creepy villain that is capable of being a gentleman. All he needs is a suit and a pair of glasses with clock designs on them. He’s a seriously weird character who can coordinate the mission the Squad goes on, given his obsession with time. Waititi is just able to act out that psychotic gentlemen villain that would fit the tone of Gunn’s version of The Suicide Squad.

1. The Ventriloquist

If Taika Waititi wants to push the boundaries of his acting ability, he should play The Ventriloquist. This is a minor Batman villain with a serious case of dissociative identity disorder. A meek, normal guy who walks around with a puppet dressed as a gangster. Sounds odd, but this puppet is actually the one in control. He acts as the man’s tormentor and vessel to unleash his dark side. The Ventriloquist is one seriously messed up character. Waititi would have a field day with him, and it’s one I’d like to see.

Just imagine him talking through a puppet with a gangster-like voice one minute, then talking in a meek, soft-spoken voice the next. It’s a tough performance to pull off, but an actor like Waititi can deliver on the weirdness that makes the character who he is. He may sound like a useless character, but his unusual ability can be put to use. If there’s one thing to look forward to, just think about how fun it would be to watch Waititi play as him. Talk about wacky.

Final Thoughts

We’re going to have to wait a while to find out which character Waititi will play, but he will undoubtedly play a character worth his acting chops. If you like over-the-top silliness combined with the comic book genre, then you will certainly like him in The Suicide Squad.

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