10 Things You Didn’t Know About Khalea Lynee

Khalea Lynee

Khalea Lynee is a contestant who appeared on the seventeenth season of the nationally televised show “The Voice.” She turned all four chairs and had her choice of which coach to chose, opting for John Legend’s team. She gave a perfect performance and continued on through some of the toughest rounds of the competition. During her time on the show, she gained a lot of new followers who want to know more about the R&B and soul artist so here are 10 things that you may or may not already know about Khalea Lynee.

1. She has been a singer since she was a young age

Khalea has been singing for most of her life. Her mother is the pastor of a church and she encouraged Khalea to sing in front of the congregation. Although she was a shy girl who would get nervous in front of crowds her mother pushed her to continue performing. She wouldn’t allow Khalea to give in to her nervousness and this has helped her to gain confidence when she is on the stage.

2. She is also a songwriter

Lynee is a multi-talented entertainer who not only sings with a beautiful voice, she also writes her own original work. This will give her an edge in the music business because it will allow her to take full credit for her work in the future and she can express her thoughts and feelings through her compositions. Remarkably, she wrote her first song when she was just 12 years old and this is when she decided that she wanted to become a singer as her career choice.

3. She has a lot of choir experience

Khalea was involved with a variety of choral groups when she was in high school. He also helped other children learn how to sing in a choir. She was the children’s choir director for her mother’s church. This gave her valuable teaching experience and while she was helping others to learn she was also honing her own skills as a singer.

4. Her brother is also a musician

Talent is something that appears to run in Lynee’s family. Her brother is also a professional musician. He has a band that is called “Julian’s Experience.” Khalea was invited to join the band and she spent some time touring with the group. This gave her yet more experience in the professional music world and it also helped her to become known to a greater audience of listeners so she had already begun to establish her career prior to appearing on “The Voice.”

5. She released her first single in 2011

Khalea had already released a single titled “I Know.” She was also featured as a vocalist on Diggztown Vol. 1: Nightlife which was posted to ReverbNation. In addition to this, she released a holiday singe that was titled “Not Another Christmas.” You can stream her music from a variety of online sources.

6. She is the lead singer of a Florida band

In addition to doing some touring with her brother’s band, Khalea is also the lead singer of a band that is called Hott Mess Band. She has been with the group for four years and they have been busy performing at a host of venues including festivals, weddings and more. The group was also hired to perform at the US Army’s 243rd birthday celebration.

7. You can listen to her single at Discogs

This is a streaming site that has Khalea’s single “I Know.” This is an original work that Khalea has written herself and it was the song that she originally released in 2011. It’s already received a lot of attention since she has made her appearance on the televised competition. We think that she has the potential to take her career all the way in time. This song gives you an idea of the incredible range that she has along with her polished and professional presentation which is truly flawless.

8. She’s already performed around the country

When Khalea was a senior in high school she had the opportunity to travel to different states and cities performing with her brother’s band. She is no stranger to the stage and this has helped her to overcome her stage fright. She is essentially a seasoned veteran at this point in her career. Now, all that she really needs is one really good break to get her music out there and in demand with audiences. There is no lack of talent and she is hoping that her time on “The Voice” will help her grow her base of fans.

9. You can follow her on Instagram

We visited Khalea’s Instagram page and saw that she is doing a wonderful job of keeping up with her posting. She has made 1,066 posts so far and this is a valuable resource for fans and admirers who want to keep up with what’s trending in her professional career and life. There are some amazing photos of her on the site. It’s nice to see that she’s becoming so popular with 12.5 thousand followers already.

10. Khalea has the potential to become a star

Lynee already has a good start in the music industry and her appearance on “The Voice” has helped to give her the national exposure that she needs. She can go up against some of the best singers in the nation and hold her own and she has proven this in front of the world. We see a very bright future ahead for her and wish her the best of success. Khalea has what it takes to make it to the top with the support and patronage of her loyal fans.

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