T.J. Miller Has Been Canned as Mucinex Spokesman Amid Allegations

T.J. Miller Has Been Canned as Mucinex Spokesman Amid Allegations

The hits continue to come as T.J. Miller has been replaced, or canned actually, by Jason Mantzoukas as the Mucinex spokesman after being accused of sexual misconduct. The woman that’s making the accusations has opted to remain anonymous, which is kind of shady but is still understood by a lot of people as the media might pounce if they knew her name. On the other hand however it already sets her in a poor light since it makes the woman look as though she’s simply trying to make trouble for Miller, who will still be showing up in Deadpool 2 this coming May. He’s already bowed out of Silicon Valley however and now he won’t get to voice the big green booger on the Mucinex commercials.

Yes, he played the part of the booger on the commercials. Mucinex though, like so many other companies, doesn’t wish to embroiled in a scandal that could amount to nothing or be something that they want to stay clear of. The unfortunate part of this is that this story is nothing new really. The accusation wasn’t made that long ago but it’s been covered quite a bit by many sources that have said the same thing, that Miller denies the accusations and that his wife, who was at college with him at the same time, knows the woman as well and understands and believes that Miller is innocent. In fact they have both gone on record stating that this woman was at college with them and had attempted to break them up in the past by spreading vicious rumors and lies about Miller.

The rub there was that the anonymous woman’s friends all took her side and accused Miller as well. This is as messed up a situation as it could be at the moment since you have Miller and his wife, who were boyfriend and girlfriend during the time of the alleged attacks, and the woman and her friends saying opposite things that might possibly affect how Miller’s career goes from here on out. You might have heard it say that the more witnesses and testaments to a crime there are usually gives the crime a little more credence than the collusion between fewer individuals. In this case however, since the woman wants to remain anonymous and her friends are sticking to her story without fail, it seems the opposite. It feels almost like a conspiracy theory straight out of a soap opera, but it’s becoming a story that’s so commonplace now that you almost expect to see new developments on current cases or new cases opening up each and every day.

Isn’t anyone tired of this yet? I know the answer would be a resounding ‘yes’ from many people but I also know that I’d get heavily criticized by others for voicing it aloud. The point is though that after so long of not speaking up, the act of coming out is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because if even half the cases of sexual misconduct are real then the women doing the accusing have finally gained the courage to speak up. It’s bad for one simple reason, now they’re messing with more than just the individual that supposedly wronged them.

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