10 Superpowers You Didn’t Realize Daredevil Has

In 1964 the inclusion of a blind superhero to Marvel comics probably took a lot of people by surprise since one could only imagine just how a blind man would be able to be able to combat evil. Daredevil was created with a wide array of abilities however to compensate for the one sense that he lacks, and since his inclusion he’s been seen to be one of the toughest and most resilient crime-fighters in the Marvel universe that’s not so heavily-overpowered. In fact he’s gone toe to toe with some of the heavy hitters and held his own for a while, but obviously he still can’t contend with the likes of Spider-Man, the Hulk, or even Wolverine for long. While he’s fully capable of taking care of himself he doesn’t possess the same capabilities that other heroes do and usually has to settle for taking care of his own backyard in Hell’s Kitchen.

But there are some powers he has that you might not have known about.

10. He can read by passing his fingers over ink on a page.

Usually the blind have to read things as they’re written in Braille as their touch is just as sensitive as anyone else’s but not so much that they can feel something that is barely raised if at all. This superhuman sense of touch allows Matt Murdock to ‘read’ just about anything unless it’s laminated, in which case he might have to read slower.

9. He can identify people by their heartbeat.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that ordinary humans can’t hear below 20 decibels, but Daredevil can hear at about 7 decibels, meaning that he can pinpoint someone’s heartbeat from around 20 feet away. He can also use this to identify the people around him.

8. He has a heightened sense of smell.

Unlike a lot of the more human heroes in the Marvel universe Daredevil can utilize his sense of smell to track someone for days on end if he has to. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to knock this sense out since it’s not as well-developed as the more superhuman heroes.

7. He’s an expert marskman.

Despite the fact that you’ll almost never see him use anything other than his batons Daredevil is highly skilled in a variety of ranged weapons which includes everything from throwing knives to a sniper rifle.

6. He’s a human lie detector.

This goes back to how he can hear a person’s heartbeat and identify them by it. It’s not a perfect skill all the time since an irregular heartbeat or a pacemaker can throw him off, but since people’s heartbeats tend to change a bit when they lie he’s usually pretty good at catching such a thing.

5. He’s a master acrobat and gymnast.

It’s very easy to hype up Daredevil since he is that awesome and is able to perform feats that normal humans usually can’t seem to compete with but in a world of super-powered heroes and villains he does have his limits, though he gives as good as he gets most times.

4. He can sense body heat.

This seems limited since it can only reach up to about five feet away, but in close quarters combat it does pay to know just how many combatants there are when it comes to neutralizing them quickly and efficiently.

3. He’s in peak physical condition.

After years spent training in the martial arts and honing his body to the ultimate peak of perfect Daredevil is a very hardened character that can take on just about anyone on his level or even a little above. The fact that he’s battled heroes like Wolverine and Spider-Man and held his own as well as landed decisive blows is pretty impressive. In long, drawn out fight he might go down, but he would certainly leave his mark.

2. He can detect atmospheric disturbances.

This is something that people in the real world have even managed to experience as it has to do with sensing when and roughly where something that might be going on in the world around them might occur, such as windstorm, a rainstorm, or anything that might shift the local atmosphere in any way. Daredevil’s senses are so attuned that he can tell when a teleporter is about to arrive in the vicinity and where.

1. He has accelerated healing.

Thanks to the fact that he has mastery over his body after so many years of training Daredevil can actually force his body to heal faster. It’s still not on par with other heroes that have healing factors, but it is a step above a normal human’s ability to heal, which is fortunate since as a daytime lawyer he can’t go around limping, hobbling, or having to explain just why he looks like he went through a brawl on a nightly basis.

As heroes go Daredevil isn’t the most powerful but he is one of those that is inordinately tough for a human.

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