Supernatural Season 10 Episode 12 Review: “About A Boy”


Tonight’s Supernatural went fantasy-heavy, just as it did last episode. I mentioned in my last review about my difficulty in buying into that kind of story-telling; it feels just too fantasy-like to really jive with my view of the show. That’s a ridiculous statement and an absurd standard to apply to a show that has dealt with fairies and the Four Horsemen of the freaking apocalypse but here I am.

However, though I’m not really into this particular branch of storytelling choice, I do want to praise Supernatural for a second. In a show such as Supernatural (that is, a network drama with full season episode orders), there is a lot of time and space to fill. Depending on how serialized a show is, you might be able to squeeze ten to fifteen episodes worth of real season-plot, leaving you with seven to twelve episodes of empty time. The conventional wisdom is that you leave the heavy character and plot decisions for those ten to fifteen; whether that is a good thing or not is debatable. So that leaves those Free Parking-esque episodes with quite a dilemma.

What Supernatural chose to do is world build, which is the right answer 100% of the time. They go down alleyways and explore cracks and crevices and niches that other shows haven’t. Supernatural has thousands of years of mythology to both pull from and modify, to tell stories that are as old as time itself. It’s execution can fall flat, of that there is no denying. But at least they tried instead of sticking to the status quo. Four for you, Supernatural.


Dylan Everett made his return this episode, and man, has he grown as an actor. In his first appearance he had all of the mannerisms of Jensen Ackles’s Dean, but not much else. It was an impressive mimic, and showed work ethic and desire, but not much else. Now, though, it’s clear that I underestimated him. He still had the mannerisms down pat but he was also his own man; his Dean was not a carbon-copy of Ackles and was in, some ways, more interesting. The cake scene, where he just dives into possibly poisoned cake, was brilliant. Instead of veering into camp, as Ackles might’ve done, he plays it a little straighter, and it comes off in a really cool way. So, four for you, Dylan Everett.

I promise that won’t become a thing.

I’m ready for this season to kick off. Things have been a little quiet and I want to see some fireworks. We’ve got too many balls in the air to not be building to something, or at least that’s my hope. With Rowena and Crowley in the mix, plus whatever Cas is doing, plus the Winchesters, they must be ready to really start some stuff. I hope, at least. These past few seasons have been really self-contained in terms of plot in a lot of ways, and I miss the buildup that happened with seasons one through five.

But anyways. Fun episode.

Stray Thoughts

– They did an unusual amount of fleshing out with the side character, Tina. I know she was an important parallel to Dean in this episode but they really went out and gave her personality. She had little repeated mannerisms and all those sorts of things.

– Once again: nice work, Dylan Everett. Really hope we see you again.

– I really hope Dean goes to a dermatologist and he just zaps The Mark off. That would be hilarious.

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