Supernatural Review: Episode 7.06 “Slash Fiction”

‘I Can’t Be Around You Right Now’

Then came the last two minutes of Supernatural, which seemed like a bit of a regression but made more sense to me after I thought it over. While Dean was debating ways to get rid of the leviathans’heads, he wanted to know why Sam was acting so sullen, so Sam let it all out. He knew exactly what Dean had done to Amy and that his brother had lied to him. Dean offered up token protests, but Sam grabbed his bags and walked away.

I’ll admit, it was a bit of a disappointment that Sam was so angry with Dean that he didn’t even give his brother a chance to explain. After all, it was just last week that Sam was New!Sam and wanted Dean to open up. So why was he so irrational tonight? Was it drama for drama’s sake? Well, perhaps. But I think it also relates to how the boys have been acting this season. Sam has been making a conscious effort not to keep things from Dean. He told him about his Lucifer visions and last week we saw him really trying to get Dean out of his shell. It seems like Sam is desperate to have a real relationship with his brother again, one that’s not based on secrets and lies (Let’s not mention him running away in episode 7.03, ok? That situation is pretty explainable).

The point is, Sam has learned lessons from season 4 and 5 in particular and wants to be honest. I think the thing that Sam is most upset about isn’t necessarily the fact that Dean killed Amy (although I suppose he is upset about that), but the fact that Dean lied. And not only did he lie initially, but he kept this secret even when Sam wanted Dean to tell him the truth.

Here’s an interesting question to consider: if Dean had told Sam the truth about Amy last week when Sam was pushing for it, do you think he would have been as angry? Or is the situation far worse not only because Dean lied, but because he would have continued to lie unless or until the truth came out another way. Sam had to hear the truth about his brother’s secrets from another source, just like Dean had to hear the truth about Sam’s growing powers from Castiel in season 4.

Yes, there is a pattern in Winchester ‘verse whereby they keep secrets from one another, sometimes to protect the other and sometimes because they are ashamed. And yes, it is extremely rare that Dean just picks up and leaves when they’ve had this kind of an argument, unlike Sam, who does have a tendency to storm out. But, again, like I discussed last week about the brothers’personalities, their reactions to conflict is in line with their personalities. Dean really doesn’t leave Sam, because he needs and wants his family and because being alone is a fate Dean abhors. Sam is far more comfortable storming out because he’s always been more independent.

Was the ending disappointing? A bit. But, frankly, I think that it’s also a bit understandable given not only the characters’history but also their personalities. The good news is that this rift won’t last that long. After all, we see in the promo for next week’s Supernatural episode that they’re already back to working a case together. It’s my hope that they may finally air their grievances and move past this. I know that it’s unlikely that Dean will want to sit down and explain his reasoning for killing Amy. That’s just not who he is and, in his mind, he was right. But the boys are in a good place right now, even if Dean is basically a full-blown alcoholic and Sam’s slightly crazy with hallucinations and there are still some lies between them.

Oh, boys.

Despite the ending, I thought this was a great episode. Not only did we get to see crazy, homicidal versions of Sam and Dean, but the writers poked fun at the boys when the leviathan clones lamented about how lame the brothers were. Plus, while I do sort of lament for the old days when the boys fought ghosts and hunted yellow-eyed demons, I kind of like Dick Roman. Any guy who can put the snarky Crowley in his place is definitely a guy I want to see again.

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