Supernatural 7.21 Review: Angels, Demons and Prophets, Oh My!

Supernatural - Reading is FundamentalAs much as I enjoyed this week’s Supernatural, I can already tell it might be polarizing. Dealing with one of the key relationships of the show (the one between Castiel and the Winchesters…Dean in particular), it has the ability to upset a few fans. But before we get to that, let’s summarize what happened.

Kevin Tran, This is Your Life

This week’s Supernatural ventured heavily back into religious territory, which I rather enjoyed. The Winchesters broke through the clay block they stole from Dick and found an old-looking tablet with strange writing. The reveal of this object also ignited a large storm. Other than causing every pregnant woman to give birth, the storm also caused two significant events: (1) Castiel woke up in the mental hospital, with Meg watching over him, and (2) a high school student named Kevin Tran was struck by lightening and made into an unwilling prophet.

Summoned by Meg, the Winchesters traveled to the hospital to find a slightly different version of Castiel. This one is slightly crazy and slightly apathetic, but also enlightened. Clearly the Winchesters were at odds on how to deal with this never-before-seen version of their former compatriot, but he was able to enlighten them on the tablet, which he said was written by the angel Metatron and contained the ‘Word of God’. Unfortunately, angels weren’t meant to read the Word, so Castiel was unable to translate.

While Cas flitted off when Dean and Meg fought about her joining the team and Dean went off to find him, Sam encountered Kevin, who had driven to the hospital and attempted to steal the Word. When confronted, he admitted that he was driven to protect the tablet, although he was unsure why. In the rec room of the hospital, Dean and Castiel were having a rather uncomfortable conversation where Dean grew increasingly more frustrated by Cas’laid-back manner.

Not the Most Fun Garrison

Enter Hester and Anais, two angels formerly of Castiel’s garrison who have been tasked with taking the Word and its prophet keeper to the desert to keep the Word away from humans. They’re shocked to see Castiel, who they believed was dead. Hester, in particular, is horrified at his present state, frustrated about his disappearance from Heaven. Who is running things up there now that Raphael and Castiel are no longer fighting for control?

Supernatural - Reading is FundamentalDean was able to banish the angels for a few hours and he rounded up Meg and Kevin and headed to Rufus’cabin. There, Kevin was able to finish translating the tablet, but they hit a snag. While the cabin was hidden from angels, Meg inadvertently notified the angels about their location when she killed two demons who were following them, instead of joining ranks with them. Once again, Hester and Anais appeared, determined to take Kevin. When Hester took out her frustration for recent events on Castiel’s face, Meg stabbed her with the angel blade. Fortunately, Anais was far more willing to work with Cas and the Winchesters and assigned two angel guards to protect Kevin. Unfortunately, Kevin’s home had already been infiltrated by Edgar, one of the first Leviathans we met this season. He killed the angel guards and now has possession of Kevin.

Back at the cabin, the Winchesters learned that Sam and Dean learned that they needed the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the blood of three fallen creatures in order to defeat the Leviathans. The first creature was a fallen angel and Castiel handed over his blood and left, saying that he’s not sure what he’ll be doing next, but he basically doesn’t feel like sticking around to fight anymore. One down, two more to go.

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