Supercut Of Every Time Somebody Says ‘Harry’ Or ‘Potter’ In All The Movies

Just when you think the Harry Potter stuff is slowing down they bring you right back in.   Now I’m not sure what all of you do in your spare time but this is a project I can certainly get behind.  What you are about to witness is a six minute video of all the Harry Potter movies, but only the split-seconds when somebody is saying ‘Harry’ or ‘Potter’ (or both).  By the way I challenge you to count them all.  I can guarantee that you’ll start getting upset after minute one.

But man oh man, they REALLY like to say just “Harry” or “Potter” don’t they?  My personal favorite is anytime Hagrid says the singular “Harry” and whenever Draco says “Potter.”  Though clearly there are more characters uttering these names a whole slew of times.  It’s also funny to see how voices have evolved since the movie franchise was all children to begin with.

There’s also Snape.  How could you ever not recognize the voice of Alan Rickman?  Anyway, if you’ve got six minutes to spare, this is probably a good way to spend that time.

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