What If the Stranger Things Song Had Lyrics?

What If the Stranger Things Song Had Lyrics?

What If the Stranger Things Song Had Lyrics?

Yeah let’s leave the opening theme without words since it brings it up so many glaring inadequacies that the show doesn’t really address that well. No one really wants to think about the faults in their favorite show and this clip tends to bring those shortcomings into bright, glaring focus. Like where in the world are these kids’ parents while all this is happening and why are they allowed to just roam around like it’s no big deal? Oh, that’s right, it’s the 80’s.

Sometimes a theme doesn’t need words to be something great though and this show pretty much proves that. The opening theme is already something that people love for the nostalgic feeling it gives and the adrenaline rush it seems to promise as you sit there with heart already pounding waiting for the episode to start. Even better is the fact that now Stranger Things season 2 is finally here! Anyone binge-watched the entire season yet? If you have be kind and don’t blurt out anything that’s going on, be considerate to other fans that might not have the time to binge-watch and have to wait to get home and turn on the TV so that they can catch up.

From what I’ve seen thus far though I’ll at least say that it’s shaping up to be everything that people hoped it would be and more. As you’ve already seen in the previews Eleven is back and she’s seeking out answers that we didn’t get in the first season. The Hawkin’s lab is still in business without any real surprise since where there’s one scientist trying to mess things up by doing what they perceive to be the right thing you know there’ll be more. But in this instance it just seems like things continue to get worse since the Upside-Down is no longer content to rest in its little pocket dimension but is seemingly using poor Will as a conduit to make its way into the human world.

Hopper is back, so is Joy, and pretty much everyone else that didn’t get killed in the first season. But of course something has to happen now that Will is seeing things without having to cross the barrier. Even the question of what happened to Barb is still coming up. Seriously she barely made it through a couple of episodes and people are still wondering just what became of Barb when it’s kind of obvious at this point. Somehow, against all odds, she became a fan favorite at some point. It’s kind of odd how that tends to happen with the most unlikely characters.

But yes, for the love of all that’s holy and sensible enough to be called good let’s leave the words out of the Stranger Things opening theme. They’re not needed, they get in the way, and there’s no way that anyone wants to give thought to the unfortunately very real issue of why so many kids can so easily fool their parents into thinking that they’re going somewhere they’re not.

I mean how many parents did that ever work on in real life?

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