Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese on the Future of Movies from 1990

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese on the Future of Movies from 1990

When listening to greats like Spielberg, Lucas, and Scorcese from interviews given back in 1990 it really becomes obvious how each of these men have gone on for as long as they have and what type of style they’ve used to create their own success. Back then none of them had a real idea of just what the future might bring or what would happen to film in the future. But somehow they all stuck around and hung in and eventually made something worth watching no matter how they went at it. 27 years ago no one could have predicted just how far the art of film making would have gone, but these three men all had a different approach that obviously worked for them.

Steven Spielberg is intriguing because he had no issue with making the stories, no issue with turning down the chance to churn out one movie after another for more money, and he certainly didn’t lack in talent. Admittedly it was his ability to come up with the ideas that set him on his heels at some points. The mere thought of a guy that’s done so much having issues just thinking up stories is kind of revealing but also a little disturbing since as an average viewer it’s nice to think that the guys at the top know exactly what they’re doing at all times. But then you have to remember they’re human and are bound to have some limitations. Still, to hear that he had troubles thinking of ideas for a movie was kind of strange.

George Lucas had money problems, which was one reason he didn’t immediately go ahead with the next trilogy in the Star Wars franchise right away. Another issue was that the screenplay was too long, which made it necessary to pare a few things down and cut to real heart of the story. His imagination is understandably so wide that to take it all in is nearly impossible. This is the guy that thought up an entire universe that’s still being filled in after all. But he admitted that if he had to do Return of the Jedi in 1990 that using computer-generated images would not be cost effective. He had an idea that it would be eventually, but not at that time.

Martin Scorsese is more of the realist. He has no trouble finding ideas and he has money issues but he still enjoys what he does and always has. He’s also the only one among the three that had actually been in his films at that time. His entire love affair with the city of New York has been part of what’s kept him going for so long and has been featured in so many of his movies. The rich and mesmerizing culture of the city has given him plenty of ideas to work with and in effect has helped him to make a good number of movies that have been deemed as classics.

None of these men knew what was coming or what the future of movies was going to be back then, but they knew that whatever came they would roll with it as best they could.

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