Steve-O Celebrates 10 Years of Sobriety With Inspiring Message

Any fan of Jackass is probably up on the news that Steve-O has had problems in the past, but after 10 years of being sober he can now celebrate with a very special message. His long years of struggle are still ongoing as he does his best to stay sober, but Steve-O has decided to thank his friends, Johnny Knoxville in particular, for taking the time and effort to get him the help he needed. At one point the Jackass alum was truly a wreck, drinking and partaking of harder substances like cocaine, ketamine, and several others on a regular basis. Eventually Knoxville managed to go to his home with a group of friends, all bigger guys, with the intent of taking Steve-O to treatment.

Initially the Jackass star didn’t want to go, but Knoxville told him that if he didn’t go of his own volition that their friends would gladly knock him out and take him anyway. Things usually have to be pretty bad for a friend to say such a thing. Steve-O was out of control however and was in dire need of help. Thankfully his friends were there and were ready to do anything in order to get him back on track. Those are the kind of friends you keep around in your life as much as possible and thank profusely if you ever get back on the straight and narrow. It’s very easy for those with the means to do so to fall off the wagon, but for the past ten years now Steve-O has been living a clean and sober life, doing what he can to stay away from the temptation and show the kind of gratitude to his friends that’s been earned.

Now in his early forties, Steve-O was known during his time on Jackass for taking on some of the most disgusting and sometimes dangerous stunts on the show. He seemed to always be singled out for some of the nastiest stunts involving feces and other disgusting body parts taken from animals, such as the time he had to try and pole vault a ditch with absolutely filthy nasty water in it, or the time when he had to be strapped into a port-o-potty that had been filled with excrement that was flung into the air the moment the entire thing was lifted by two heavy elastic cables. Just watching his stunts made a lot of people retch since he took on some of the most disturbing and absolutely nasty things when it came to Jackass.

There could have been a reason he drank and did drugs during his time on the show and throughout, but eventually it got to a point that it was simply too much. He would experience horrendous mood swings and try to shut everyone out. To this day he still has mood swings but it’s more a byproduct of the damage his brain has undergone than anything. But he’s still sober, and he’s still trying to live his life the best he can, which so far has been pretty good.

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