Star Wars Pod Racers Imagined As Built By Different Car Manufacturers

If there was one thing, among many, that we could take away from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, it’s that podracing was pretty cool. In fact it was probably one of the most exciting parts of the movie aside from the insane lightsaber battles. But what if car companies had managed to create their own podracers? What would they have looked like? If the pictures above and below are any indication they would have fully incorporated the look and feel of the car companies that had sponsored them. The Ferrari would of course have looked extremely sleek and very impressive in design, and probably would have been among the fastest of the bunch.

Here are a few other designs that might have been impressive in the film.


It’s a bit wider in regards to the engines and the pod but it’s still sleek and elegant in its form. It almost looks as though it would have had a little trouble navigating the narrower portions of the course that was seen in the movie, but given that so many racers were accustomed to flying their pods in and out of some of the most treacherous courses it’s easy to assume that this wouldn’t be a drawback.

Aston Martin

This design seems like it might have an advantage given that it’s running with just one central engine. There’d be less to fix and therefore less cost involved but the issue of agility and maneuverability might come up from time to time since it is a rather big engine and it’s possible that it it might take a little more to move it from side to side with any kind of speed.

Ford GT

Compared to the last two this looks like a bit of a clunker. When serviced properly it could quite possibly be a contender, but in the looks department it almost looks like a cargo loader that might be found in a warehouse. The design is very simply and it almost looks like the pod is being dragged along by twin pontoons that have a serious issue staying in sync with one another.


It almost looks like the pod is being pulled forward by a pair of minibuses. The big, clunky look of the entire racer is such that it looks like it might be able to offer a lot of power but only if the entire system is firing properly and there are no last second issues that could arise. Unfortunately it seems like there could be a lot of issues that come up with this racer.


This racer looks like something that might have been the height of elegance and style at one time, but has kind of faded as the time has gone by. Its design is a bit dated and the colors are definitely faded, kind of like the reputation it continually tries to keep aloft. It might still be a contender but it’s glory days are falling behind it quickly.


The racer has an outdated, very rough look but it also screams reliability as well. This is the kind of pod that you might see as your go to if the fancier models are out of your reach and/or are not accessible. It promises nothing but at the very least can take you around the track.

Maybe there’s a reason that car manufacturers had nothing to do with Star Wars. Their designs would have been ripped to pieces and put back together in a very haphazard fashion.

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