Artists Adds Funny Monsters to Everyday Life Photos

Different people see different opportunities in the world around them and tend to act accordingly. For instance this artist, Tailjar, obviously has a unique view of their surroundings and has decided to make what they feel might be an improvement or at the very least a visually challenging addition that could make people think, laugh, or possibly arch their eyebrows as they wonder just what Tailjar is thinking when drawing each one of these great, imaginative monsters to brighten up each day and picture just a bit. Well, maybe brighten is the wrong word. But these pictures do given an interesting look into the mind of an artist that sees something the rest of us might not. Take for instance this strange but interesting look above. Isn’t that Jeff from Men in Black II? Or maybe it’s his leaner cousin. Whatever the case they both seem to have an affinity for subway cars.

Creations via Tailjar

Liberation for all amphibious kind! Imagine an army of these little guys astride their avian mounts as they darken the skies, just waiting to plummet upon an unsuspecting populace. And then imagine once they hit France and Louisiana how fast the invasion will halt since you know people around those parts love frog legs. In fact a lot of folks in the south wouldn’t be too afraid of this pairing, it’d be open season.

This seems like a science experiment gone wrong. You know that mysterious foil-wrapped container that you’ve left in the fridge for so long? Well this might be the result if you allow it to incubate for a period of time. You go to open the fridge and wham, it jumps up and you have an alien apocalypse ready made.

Okay, hands up, how many of us would starve if we had to watch our food crying out in pain as we ate it? Hands up again, how many people think that this would be a funny joke to pull on a vegetarian?

Mini Kong hangs there, waiting for the day when Brock Lesnar decides to come back to the UFC for a title bout yet again.

A horrible experiment gone wrong has transformed a cup of tapioca pudding into a sentient creature that rolls itself from place to place looking for Faberge eggs for reasons only it will ever know. No? It seemed to work at the time.

So you enter one end and go out the other? What happens in the middle, or do I dare ask?

Following the dissolution of the Adams Family franchise, Cousin It has fallen on some hard times as of late. As you can see his once lustrous mane is just a pale memory of what he once was.

Oh yeah, a little to the right, that’s the spot! See, birds can be a lot more help than you think. Of course the helpful avian could be picking around for parasites to feast on too, with some birds you never know.

Is this anywhere near Springfield? The eyes, the vapid expression, and the fact that the fish is attacking something so far out of its weight class seems to suggest there might be a few added toxins in the water.

The grocer’s been trying his best to get rid of the browning old coot but he just refuses to be manhandled.

This must be the new look for the next Alice Cooper concert.

This takes the term ‘wag the dog’ to a very terrifying and unusual level.

If this is the size of the bedbugs in this place then what do the dust bunnies look like?

At this point going outside seems like it would be a very enticing option. Yes I’ll take the ticket please, it’d be better than the alternative.

I’m just at a loss for this one. This seems to indicate that if you stop to sniff the flowers they might sniff back.

Yikes, when the Easter bunny lets himself go he REALLY lets himself go.

See? Every day can be brightened up with a little humor no matter how corny.

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