Star Wars Movie Based on Knights of the Old Republic Xbox Game Being Developed

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If you see Star Wars fans getting slightly excited these days it’s not likely to be because they learned that the creators of GoT are trying to take on a new Star Wars trilogy in 2022, nor would it be for Rise of Skywalker coming in December. Instead you might start hearing the rumors of a Star Wars movie based upon the Knights of the Old Republic that was developed for the Xbox over a decade ago. Anthony Gramuglia of CBR gives us hope with his article that this could possibly happen despite the fact that Disney labeled this as non-canon, which is a bit absurd since it occurs thousands of years before the prequels ever take place. That’s right, this game predates a lot of characters, not to mention the overall story line that many people know to this day. Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR as a lot of people called to save the wear and tear on their tongues, has been a popular story for a while now since it takes on a very different feel that has set a stage that could easily be adapted into the current Star Wars canon if Disney would consider changing its mind.

In fact the house of mouse might look pretty foolish if they went ahead with this project and decided to make it anything other than canon. Sam Bigelow of Deseret News gives us the scoop that the story is being planned as a trilogy, but there’s no idea whether or not it will have anything to do with the trilogy that Weiss and Benioff want to take part in within the next few years. The whole idea of the first game is to introduce a character that’s been a fan favorite since the game out, Darth Revan. Unlike many other characters that have taken the Darth title though Revan is a rather conflicted character in that he did not choose to have his mind wiped, the Jedi did this in order to use him as a weapon against the Sith. The fun thing about this game is that the story line is actually very catchy since it paints the Jedi in a rather new light that we haven’t seen before. The Sith don’t become the good guys in any way since they’re still about conquest, bloodshed, and the destruction of the Jedi and anyone else that’s in their way. But the Jedi are a fragmented bunch in the KOTOR games, badly damaged by their war with the Sith and in some cases willing to sacrifice their principles to make the ends fit the means. In the case of the first game it has to do with how Revan came to be an amnesiac Force user in the beginning of the game. As the game progresses however the player comes to realize the ‘dangerous’ and ‘deceitful’ Sith lord that they’ve been hearing about is them. The character is playing Revan, though the character’s full memory doesn’t come back until one is hours into the game.

The characters, the settings, and the story line are enticing in a way that the current trilogies can’t really hold a candle to since not only do they show how the war between the Jedi and the Sith ravaged the galaxy, it shows as well how many people were affected by their actions and how entire governments either rose up against both factions or shut them out entirely. It gives a much wider view of the galaxy by creating a very interactive experience that carries consequences and rewards as the player advances. In a way these games are more a judge of character as the player chooses which way to go as they move along. In terms of being made into a movie however this would be one of the best trilogies ever made, if not THE best, depending on who got hold of it and how closely they followed the source material. Matt O’Keefe from The Beat has stated that the story already has a writer, so it’s quite possible that we could be hearing more about this as the days go by.

The one thing that seems the most obvious at this point, and the least likely to happen, is that this movie, if it does get made, needs to remain within the canon. The time frame is within the boundaries of belief, the story is well removed from anything that’s come before, and to tell the honest and blatant truth, it’s one of the best stories that has ever been told when it comes to Star Wars. The disgrace of Revan, his eventual return to grace, and the continuing war between the Jedi and the Sith is an epic tale that Disney would be a bit foolish to ignore while trying to save their precious canon.

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