A Star Wars Captain Phasma Inspired Nissan Maxima

This Nissan Maxima fashioned in the style of Captain Phasma from Star Wars is just flat out awesome. From front to back it exemplifies the vicious and decidedly disloyal captain from the newest trilogy, though it seems safe to say that this representation wouldn’t betray a person based on its need to survive. The sleek lines and the cunning use of color along the sides is something that any Star Wars fan would instantly recognize and absolutely love. Plus the front is spot on for the dangerous character and gives the impression that it’s about to growl an order for those in its way to move aside.

If you’re a Star Wars fan this is something pretty cool to look at since Captain Phasma, no matter how underwhelming she was in the last film, is bound to be one of the most dangerous people in the trilogy. In order to really understand her you need to have read the comic or the book that shows how she began and how she survived episode 7. She’s not just the standard storm trooper or the brainless, witless bad guy that threatens and blusters but can’t stand against the main characters. And she definitely isn’t scared of anyone no matter that she brought down the shields to Starkiller Base without much of a fight.

She’s a survivor.

Phasma has been a survivor since her youngest days when a general of the First Order crash landed on her planet. When her people wouldn’t elect to help the First Order reach their downed ship Phasma took her best warriors and went out searching for it. She even turned upon her own people when they came looking for her, showing that she had few if any loyalties to anyone. Even worse than that is the fact that she then conspired with the son of the man that brought her to the First Order to get him out of the way so that the son could ascend to his desired position. Phasma is brutal, she’s calculating, and she’s beholden to no one at the most fundamental level. On the outside she looks every bit the image of what the First Order wants, a perfect soldier that is completely loyal to the cause. On the inside however, she’s wired to survive first and take orders a distant second.

She follows when it’s in her best interest, meaning when it will keep her alive. That’s why Starkiller Base fell, she knew that Han, Chewie, and Finn would likely kill her if she didn’t do as they asked. Phasma is a sleek-looking killer and a powerful warrior, but two grown men and a wookie on top of it are not good odds when she didn’t even have her blaster raised.

The Nissan Maxima is a lot like Phasma. It looks tough on the outside but until you get inside you really have no idea what you’re in for. Plus the design is simply awesome and would be insanely impressive rolling down the road.

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