General Hospital Spoilers: Jason To The Rescue!

General Hospital 2/2/16

It may be only Monday, but relationships in Port Charles are already being put to the test, and there’s no telling which ones will survive. Over the last couple of weeks, things have really been building up for a really big — and bad — moment between Jake and Sam. Let’s be real for a second, there are lots of kids out there who don’t like their mother or father’s new love interest, but most of those kids don’t want to go around attacking those people. However, as you already know, Jake isn’t like most kids, and his dislike for Sam is completely out of hand. Well, it looks Jake might be a little worse off than he seemed. Sure, his temper has been an issue for a while now, but it looks like he’s even starting to think like a criminal. After Sam falls down the stairs, Jake starts to panic when he thinks that the fall may have killed her. Of course, the fall is mostly Jake’s fault, he’s doing to freak out once he sees what his actions have led to. However, instead of reveling in the moment as most viewers would expect, he decides to hide her body.

He may be just a kid, but he’s old enough to know to call 911 in case of an emergency, but he also may have been really scared that he was going to get in trouble. After all, setting your dad’s girlfriend up to fall down the stairs isn’t the kind of thing that’s easy to forgive.  However, despite his inability to do the right thing, it appears that Jake does feel a little guilty for what happened to Sam. There’s a good chance that Jake never really wanted to hurt Sam. He may have just wanted to scare her off, but as usual, things went a little too far.

Spoilers indicate that Jake’s plan to hide the body is going to go worse than he could have ever imagined. When Sam finally wakes up and finds herself in the basement, it won’t take long for her to realize that all of her attempts to scream are falling on deaf ears. Once it sets in that she’s in a potentially deadly situation, her attempt to escape is going to cause a gas leak. Well, you can probably already guess where this is headed, and it’s nowhere good. When the smell of gas spreads through the house, it won’t be long before Liz and Jason notice that something is up. For Jake, this moment is going to be very stressful. Although he won’t know exactly where the gas is coming from, he will know that the basement will eventually have to get searched. At this point, he knows that only two things can happen: he can tell his parents about Sam being ‘dead’ in the basement, or they can find out for themselves. Telling them is definitely the lesser of two evils, and even he will recognize that. It won’t end there though, because the gas will eventually cause the house to catch fire.

General Hospital 2/2/16

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Despite thinking that Sam is dead, Jason will attempt to save her. If there was any doubt in Liz or Jake’s mind that Jason really loved Sam, this moment should let them both know what’s up. There aren’t too many people who would run into a burning house to save a living person, never mind a dead one. But of course, Sam isn’t dead, and this life saving moment will likely on bring her and Jason closer. Plus, this event make push Jason away from both Liz and Jake. He does want to be a dedicated father and he does blame himself for Jake’s behavior, but how much can he take? Plus, Jake is definitely going to need to attend some more therapy sessions after this. If he wasn’t screwed up enough already, this isn’t going to make it any better.

With so much at stake, who knows how things are going to pan out for Liz, Jake, Jason, and Sam. However, one thing is for sure, things are heating up in more ways than one!

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