General Hospital Spoilers: Baby Daddy Drama On The Way?

General Hospital 1/14/16

If you thought things in Port Charles were cooling down, you might want to think again. As the old saying goes, ‘if it ain’t one thing, it’s another,’ and some people have more drama headed in their direction than they could ever imagine. According to some spoilers, Nathan’s father may be revealed soon – and he may be  a pretty big deal. With that being said, the question of who will definitely have some people wracking their brains. Where is Maury when you need him? After all, with the possibility of all sorts of plot twists, it can be hard to narrow things down. However, there’s a good chance that Nathan’s father is already lurking around Port Charles right under his nose.

Spoilers indicate that Nathan’s father may be none other than Paul Hornsby, the district attorney who isn’t always playing on the right side of the law. A timeline of Paul’s life and location makes it kind of plausible that he could have fathered Nathan, and it’s not hard to believe that him and Nathan’s mother, Liesl would have been running in the same shady circle. If you’re not up on Paul’s past, now might be a good time to take a seat. He’s done some things that are definitely cringe worthy, and downright disturbing. He has no problem getting violent, and has murdered at least one person (Kyle Sloane) and attempted to murder another. It’s not like he was acting out of self-defense either. He’s nothing more than a cold-blooded killer masquerading around in nice clothing. Unfortunately, when it comes to parents, Nathan certainly didn’t hit the jackpot. His mother left him to be raised by her sister, allowing him to grow up unaware of the fact that the person he called “mom” was not intact his biological mother. Now, with Paul as his potential father, it doesn’t seem like this is going to sit well. Although Liesl likely knows the truth, she isn’t very likely to spill the beans.However, if Paul turns out not to be his father, the question will remain unanswered indefinitely.

Of course, other characters will be facing some serious issues as well. Johnny and Lulu have been working together for quite some time now, and although it’s been clear for a while that something bad was going to happen, it looks like that time has finally come. Lulu may be losing everything before she knows it. Within the next few episodes, Dante will see photos of her and Johnny together, of course he’s going to assume they’ve been up to no good. While it’s true that the pair have been doing something behind his back, it’s not necessarily what he thinks. However, that’s going to be a tough sell seeing as how Johnny and Lulu have been intimate in the past. It’s kind of sad to what Lulu is willing to risk in the name of revenge, but it’s probably going to come back to bite her in the long run. When will people learn that nothing good can come of lying, eventually it’s bound to blow up and that’s exactly what’s about to happen here.

General Hospital 1/14/16

Meanwhile, Sabrina is nowhere to be found. Michael will show up her apartment and realize that she’s not there, and it’ll be clear that he’s upset about it. You’d probably be pretty upset to if the woman carrying your baby (even though it’s not really yours) suddenly went missing. Sabrina may have been trying to kick back and live a low-key lifestyle, but when you’re connected to someone with mob ties, it’s tough to stay under the radar.

As usual, the folks in Port Charles have much more going on than they can handle, and it looks like there’s going to be some big reveals coming up. Hopefully they can all hang on for the ride!

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