Spider-Man to Join Venom and Morbius in the Sonyverse

Spider-Man Far from Home

Well, say goodbye to Spider-Man in the MCU for now and welcome him back to the Sony family since it looks as though, according to Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb he’ll finally be interacting with Venom and Morbius the living vampire, characters who have been big parts of the webslinger’s legend throughout the years as it is. Honestly, seeing Venom without Spider-Man was kind of difficult for a lot of fans even though the Venom movie was actually well-received. Ignoring the hurt and confused fans, for the moment, that are crying over Spider-Man being yanked away by Sony who now thinks that they have something they can build on thanks to Tom Holland and his time with the MCU, it seems as though expecting Spidey to do just as well if not better in this universe is hopeful but also a bit disingenuous. Really it does seem as though Sony might be dealing with a bit of jealousy since the MCU managed to put a spotlight on the wall crawler in a big way, one that Sony did as well, but didn’t find as much success with. Before the Maguire and Garfield fans chime in think about this, both of them came out as strong and capable characters, but thanks to what Sony was doing with them, both actors were watching as the Spider-Man legend was being slowly but surely derailed as the character was being swallowed up by horrible writing and lackluster battles that were fit to destroy the story.

Maybe Sony has been taking notes and has finally come up with a formula that will allow Tom Holland to succeed where the other two men were being set up for failure. After all now that Venom is here and Morbius is on his way, and we’re being given hope that Carnage will be every bit as psychotic as he was in the comics, it could be that Holland’s character will be given a real challenge that might pale just a bit in comparison to being a part of the Avengers and fighting a cosmic threat, but will still be insanely tough. After all, as Alex Wyse of CBR shows, Venom and Carnage are without a doubt among Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies since not only can  they change their shape, they don’t trip his spider-sense and they are immeasurably strong in a way that will be a real challenge to Spider-Man. Of course it’s hard to say whether or not Sony’s universe will coincide with the MCU, but if it did that would be nice since it would give Peter Parker and, by extension Spider-Man, a lot more confidence and experience that would allow him to seem like a much more complete character. But given that Sony is acting like a child that’s taken their ball and decided to go home it’s kind of a wonder just how much they’re going to allow into the next Spider-Man project that comes along.

Taking a step back it’ll be nice to see Spider-Man and Venom possibly tangle with each other, but it would also seem as though they’re going to have to come to an understanding much quicker than happened in the comics since if Carnage comes out in the next Venom movie it will be a necessity for the two to team up since the red-skinned symbiote has been seen to be a lot for either individual to handle. If Morbius comes out as well it will only add to the chaos that Spider-Man’s world has been in the past since he’s had to deal with some very insane and messed-up villains that all seem to be able to find out who he is and thereby threaten him on many different levels. But seeing Spider-Man being relegated to a cameo appearance or as an add-on to another movie seems like a serious demotion from his time in the MCU where he had HIS OWN movies. Hopefully Sony won’t allow this to happen since as Stephanie Holland of CBR has shown Spider-Man has actually been voted as one of the most popular Marvel characters of all time. Putting him in anything but a starring role would be a serious mistake by Sony if they bothered to do such a thing, but at this time a lot of us are hoping that they’re not this foolish since not keeping him with the MCU under their guidance was already a rather questionable decision that has a lot of people shaking their head when they try to figure out just why it was made in the first place.

It does seem as though a lot of fans are going to remain pensive until they finally see what’s being planned for Spidey upon coming back into Sony’s authority entirely, but hopefully we can say that it was a decent move when the next movie finally comes out. At this time it’s too hard to say goodbye to an idea that was just about perfect since Spider-Man had finally being utilized as he needed to be, but again, hopefully something will happen that will convince us all that this was a good move.

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