Snowfall Season 5 Episode 7: “The Lying Hammock” Recap

Snowfall Season 5 Episode 7: “The Lying Hammock” Recap

In Snowfall Season 5, Episode 6, Franklin and Gustavo could escape the tiger cage and the gangbangers that arrested them shortly afterward. Franklin and Leon discovered that Kane was responsible for the devastating hit on their business. Kane was once Leon and Franklin’s close friend. Kane severed those ties when Franklin murdered his brother. Kevin was murdered in Season 2 because of Franklin. In Snowfall Season 5, Episode 7, “The Lying Hammock,” the men are blindly trusting while the women are instinctively mistrustful of certain situations. Perhaps the most glaring example of this is when Leon suggests that they reason with Kane instead of killing him for all the damage he has caused. Franklin agreed with Leon, but he vowed to kill Kane himself if he didn’t get in line. Louie disagreed with how Franklin was handling the situation, and she had every right to be wary of this plan.

Leon and Franklin are unable to see the situation clearly. Despite Kane’s actions, they have a bond with him. At one point in time, Kane was the OG who helped raise them in the streets by teaching them everything they knew. Leon meets up with Kane to broker a deal that could help him take care of his family and explain exactly how his brother Kevin died. Kevin came after a Latin gang that had the power to wipe them out, and Kane too while in prison. In the end, Leon convinced Kane to squash the beef to prevent unnecessary violence.

Unbeknownst to Franklin and Leon, Louie had plans of her own. She met with Buckley to arrange a hit on Kane even after he agreed to come on board and move weight for them. Buckley isn’t our favorite character, but he did his due diligence by warning Louie that there was no going back once she went through the murder-for-hire plot. Louie gives the detective $150,000 to take care of Kane claiming that the ex-con would eventually end up getting killed on the streets or by a police officer in the future. We just hope that Buckley and Kane’s plan doesn’t backfire.

In this episode, Jerome goes on somewhat of a self-reflective journey. Although Franklin hired a private detective to hunt down Peaches, Jerome begins his own search for the ex veteran turned bodyguard that he trusted and brought into his family’s operation. The first stop is the local Veterans Office where he pays off the front desk to disclose that Peaches visited the clinic last week to see Dr. Evans at the clinic.

Dr. Evans doesn’t have much information for Jerome but he does help him to see that he suffering from pent-up aggression. Jerome runs into an associate of Peaches named Oakley who claims that he knows where Peaches at and he offers to take Jerome to where he was staying after his group session. Jerome accompanies Oakley to the the group session where dozen of veterans express the anger, frustration and anxiety they deal with everyday and Jerome resonates with their experience. Oakley takes Jerome too a crackhouse and Jerome realizes he’s getting played. Jerome pulls a gun on the Oakley forcing the crack addict to tell the truth. Jerome finds out that Peaches was a fiend, he played Jerome for a job and to get close to have unlimited access to drugs. Peaches took off across the country days ago.

Jerome is beyond bewildered that Peaches was able to pull off such a scheme right under his nose. How could he not have known that the war vet was a crackhead? Jerome tells Louie the information about Peaches she says that it makes sense that Peaches would create a escape plan after he witnessed Franklin kill Rob for being on the pipe.

While away at the Veteran’s center Jerome realized that he’s been dealing with trauma of his own. The life he’s living is never what he imagined himself. When we first met Jerome in Season 1, he was content with selling a little bit of weed. Jerome informs Louie that he has to figure some things out for himself but that he’s always going to be there for her to seal the deal in his commitment to her he pops the big question. Louie say yes to Jerome’s marriage proposal. Everyone is surprised to learn that they are not married including Detective Buckley.

Franklin finally hears from Teddy and when they meet up Teddy is furious to find out that the nearly fatal attack they endured was an inside job. Teddy accuses Franklin of being lazy and tells him that he’s going to select the meet up spots. He also forbids Franklin’s real estate company for doing major deals with commercial companies out of fear that it would bring attention to their business. Franklin resists.

The Saints organization is slowly but surely falling apart. Teddy and Franklin no longer trust each other and it’s affecting their business relationship. Louie going behind Franklin’s back to have Kane killed after they already made a deal with him is going to blow up in a major way, we just don’t know how.  Gustavo will have a big decision make as Teddy asks for his help to spy on Franklin.

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