‘SNL’ Imagines ‘Lion King’ Screen Tests for Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kit Harington and Oprah

So as you’ve already heard, probably, they’ve come up with a cast for the live-action version of The Lion King. So far the cast looks like they’re going to be nothing but the best and will put in an amazing performance that people won’t want to miss. The talent they’re bringing to the table is simply impressive and the fact that they’re bringing back the great James Earl Jones is something that can’t be ignored. But of course there were likely other screen tests as well that were meant to be considered. SNL took care of that.

Feel free to laugh with the clip as you see just how they’ve represented the people that also wanted the part since it is pretty funny. Everyone from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Kit Harrington to LL Cool J is put on blast trying to sort out their desired part for The Lion King. And why not? It’s one of the most momentous movies ever made and carries such a powerful message that it’s become a favorite of millions. Not many other Disney productions have managed to copy its success, especially since it’s gone beyond the big screen to the theater and created a buzz that gets people flocking to local theater halls in order to see what’s been lauded as one of the best shows ever produced.

Honestly, it’s right up there with Wicked and several other productions that draw mass numbers to each performance, and if you’ve ever attended one you know they’re not cheap. When a bottle of water at each show costs about $5 then you know the show itself is insanely expensive. But the great thing is that for all it costs, The Lion King is a worthy venture that entertains both children and adults and conveys that important message in a way that is easily understood and doesn’t stress too much on the details that might upset a child. It’s understandable if children ask about the finer points of the story and why things are the way they are, and as a parent it’s even possible to point out those finer points as they’re described in the movie.

So why wouldn’t someone want to be a part of this? It’s very true that a lot actors wouldn’t be taking part in this film for anything but the money and the possibility of furthering their reputation, but it’s also just as easy to think that some of them would be doing this because they happen to love the story. SNL is famous for spoofing people and like always they do a great job with some of them and get a little campy and over the top with others. But really, that’s the whole point isn’t it? That’s a big part of why SNL has been so popular for so long.

Getting back to The Lion King, the cast that’s on hand at the moment looks like they might be able to truly bring a level of brilliance to the movie that will defy any critic. Honestly I can’t wait for the film to arrive.

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