Dwayne Johnson’s Xentrex Male Enhancement Commercial on SNL Killed It

While Dwayne Johnson’s faux Presidential bid with Tom Hanks and the departures of Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer got the most attention on SNL over the weekend, it was this parody commercial that I found to be the most entertaining.   Saturday Night Live has done a fine job at poking fun of big pharmaceutical companies and their ridiculous commercials for the majority of their products.  Whether it’s to quit smoking, stop IBS, or fight off depression it seems that all the commercials of these products follow a similar path:  make it seem happy, use soft narrating, list a billion side effects, and make sure everyone’s smiling, even if it’s talking about diarrhea.

Over the weekend SNL went after male enhancement products and Dwayne Johnson was the perfect subject for their commercial.  You see him initially at his construction job and he’s touting a product called “Xentrex” which is supposed to be the latest in male enhancement drugs like a Cialis or Viagra.

Things quickly turn south when we realize that Xentrex isn’t exactly what we think it is.   Check out the video below:

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