This is ‘The Simpsons’ House Reimagined in Eight Different Architectural Styles

This is ‘The Simpsons’ House Reimagined in Eight Different Architectural Styles

This is ‘The Simpsons’ House Reimagined in Eight Different Architectural Styles

Can you imagine if the Simpsons house was redesigned in one of the eight different architectural styles you see in the GIF below? For the most part you can see that a lot of the characteristics are kept the same and there’s only a few notable differences despite the appearance. One obvious difference is that on the contemporary house there’s no chimney, just a satellite dish. The rest of them have roughly the same features obviously present them in different ways. It might be interesting to see if anyone ever bothered to recreate the Simpsons house in this fashion. In fact some of these styles might actually make for an interesting home.

Throughout 29 seasons this home really hasn’t changed much. It hasn’t needed to really since fans got used to it early on and likely didn’t want to see anything altered unless it was going to be used continually moving forward. Can you imagine what might have happened if they’d had the Simpsons move to another home permanently? Of course thinking about it now the act of changing their home much like they change the couch scene would be kind of funny. It would open up a lot of interesting punch lines and jokes that could possibly help spice up the introduction even more.

For 29 seasons now the Simpsons have been a laugh riot and their home has been one aspect of the show that has remained the same throughout all of it. From the outside it doesn’t look like we get to see all of the upstairs during the show but when the viewer is taken inside they tend to get a better idea of the layout and just where everyone is situated. Every kid has their own room and Marge and Homer have the master bedroom, as would be expected. Then there’s the downstairs that’s fairly standard with the dining room, kitchen, living room, and front entry. For such a big house it tends to look rather plain sometimes but it’s still enough to envy the Simpsons for what they have.

After all Homer must make a good chunk of money at his job to afford something like, especially since Marge hasn’t had a steady job for so long. She’s worked but infrequently since she still has Maggie to take care of. Plus she does have a job, it’s just that she doesn’t get paid for it.  Marge keeps the household going since Homer, despite being the working adult, is basically another child when he gets home, and Bart and Maggie tend to need constant supervision. Lisa is usually fine on her own but occasionally needs help with something. Marge is pretty much the head of the household when it comes to the house itself. She does everything and when Homer is needed it’s usually because she has her hands full or because it’s something she doesn’t know how to do.

In terms of the different houses though, getting back on track, each style is pretty cool and tends to keep the same format just with a different look each time.


This is ‘The Simpsons’ House Reimagined in Eight Different Architectural Styles

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