If You Loved Watching “Firefly” Here are 5 Shows Like It

If You Loved Watching “Firefly” Here are 5 Shows Like It

Fans have been calling for a return of Firefly for a while now and while it doesn’t seem like it might be coming as soon as they like, if at all, there are plenty of shows that are similar or just as entertaining that one could find and watch if they were inclined to do so. Not all of them are exactly alike, but they are similar enough that they should be able to entertain even the most zealous of fans. Fiction on this type of level isn’t too hard to come by since filmmakers and directors are eager to give the fans what they want and keep upping the ante when it comes to using new and improved methods and techniques to give people the kind of entertainment they call for. So really, if you need to get your fix and can’t find old episodes of Firefly or have watched them all repeatedly, try out some of the shows listed below. You never know, you might just get hooked.

Here are a just a few shows that you might want to take a look at.

5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is like the regulatory force for the Marvel in that they’re usually equipped to deal with whatever threat comes along, so long as it’s nothing too far beyond their capabilities. They’re not always comprised of the type of people that can qualify as superhuman, but they do manage to hire on some of the most above-average individuals that have some of the most stunning capabilities you’ve ever seen. And on top of that they do tend to interact with some very interesting and unique people that are far beyond what human beings should be capable of. It’s a lot more than Phil Coulson walking around looking cool and acting nonchalant.

4. Stargate SG-1

Set about a year after the movie, this series went on to further detail the Stargates and show that it’s more than just a gate between two worlds, it’s a system that was built by a race known as the Ancients. When the gate on earth is opened up again and an alien race decides to take advantage of it several groups of Stargate-specific troops are formed in order to defend, combat, and search for alien technologies that can help earth defend against any advanced races that might seek a hostile takeover. The series brings back two favorites in O’Neill and Jackson who were part of the movie, and then proceeds to go further along the pathways through the gates than anyone imagined was possible.

3. Dark Matter

The disorientation of waking up on a ship without any memory of who you are is bound to be compounded by the thought that there are others with you and they too have no idea who they are. This would be the kind of trip that would sow a lot of mistrust based upon lack of knowledge and a possible conspiracy plot that suggests that someone in the group knows something, but they’re not ready to reveal what that might be. The show was bound to be something special as the main premise just walking in left a lot of room for a great many things to happen.

2. Andromeda

Far into the future the galaxy is at peace, as much can possibly be, until one group decides that peace is not the answer and they desire more in terms of dominance and obeisance from other systems. When war breaks out the home guard is taken by surprise and one ship drifts too close to the event horizon, effectively freezing it in time. Centuries later a salvage ship comes upon the Andromeda and as the captain, the lone person left on the ship, comes to, he is caught up to speed on what has happened since the war. With a new crew and a distinct purpose the Andromeda comes to be seen as a ray of hope for the galaxy.

1. The Expanse

Two hundred years into the future the peace between Mars and Earth has become tenuous following an accident that might have been part of a larger conspiracy. On earth the ambassador that is in charge of relations between the two planets must do all that she can in order to keep the peace, though it seems as though someone is working against her in order to start a war that could be disastrous for both planets.

Whatever show you pick depends on what mood you’re in, what you love to watch, and what kind of genre you’re really into. Firely is without a doubt a favorite of many, but it’s also one of those shows that hasn’t yet been picked up again, much to the chagrin of the fans. There’s a lot more to watch on TV these days, so hopefully people can find something.

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