Shouldn’t Axel Foley Be Retired By Now?

Shouldn’t Axel Foley Be Retired By Now?

At what point does a character need to be retired? It’s a big hope that no one is going to think that Axel Foley, portrayed by Eddie Murphy, would still be just as active as ever, or that he’ll have made captain at this point. It would be interesting to see Paul Reiser return, especially since it would appear that Billy and Taggart aren’t going to be showing up again. It does sound as though the idea was to bring in Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum to help out with those roles, but as of now, there’s still a lot that people don’t know about the movie other than it is apparently coming. The holdup that has been ongoing for a while had a lot to do with the fact that the script didn’t work, as Murphy has stated. People can’t help but get excited about this movie since Murphy’s sequel to Coming to America was enjoyed by many fans. But after so long it feels as though Foley should be retired or riding a desk at this point since Murphy is in his early 60s, which is easily the point when a lot of action stars need to start realizing that their best days are behind them in terms of being able to sell themselves as convincing action stars. 

Admittedly, the best part of this is that Foley isn’t an action star primarily, as he relies heavily on his comedic routines as well. His acting is solid enough, but the fact is that Beverly Hills Cop 2 and 3 didn’t have the same feel as the first movie, no matter how much people want to argue about this. The downside of this is that Foley is all about action and comedy since this was a big part of the character from the start. While it’s not fair to state that Murphy couldn’t possibly be convincing, it’s still too easy to think that Foley would be better off being a private investigator or someone that’s risking his career by straying from his desk or taking on a case that’s better being left to younger detectives. 

Given that we don’t know what the story is all about yet, it feels as though trying to determine whether or not Foley is going to be capable of taking on even half of the action that he’s been known for in the past is going to be in question until we see the first trailer for the upcoming movie. Trying to guess what’s going to happen is more than a little tough at this time since most of the characters that people recall from the movies are going to be gone already. While Foley was the star coming into this movie, he’s now one of the only people left standing from the original cast since he appears to be one of the only original characters, perhaps the only one, that will have been featured in every movie. But there’s still a question as to what in the world this movie is going to be like since like it or not, he’s far older than he was when the first movie in this series came along, meaning that he’s not likely going to be as convincing when it comes down to being the type of detective that’s going to be active on a case. 

It’s kind of a hope that Hardy and Tatum are seen in the movie, or that someone else that’s a bit younger will be there as backup for Foley. It could be that, somehow, he’ll have become a superior but is still ready and willing to put his career in jeopardy by taking on active cases. That doesn’t sound entirely believable, but thinking about the type of detective that Foley has been seen as for so long, it doesn’t feel that he’d be content to sit around. Plus, there wouldn’t be much of a movie if he didn’t get into the thick of the action at one point. Just thinking about what might happen in this movie is a tad bit frustrating since one thought is that the third movie should have been the last one of the bunch, though many might want to argue over this matter. 

At the end of the day, it’s better to admit that it might be interesting to see what’s coming and to reserve judgment until the movie actually drops. Eddie Murphy has been a fairly solid investment when it comes to relying on him for a few good laughs, so it’s easy to think that this movie might be able to deliver on something that many might not have thought was going to happen in their lifetime. The delay has had many fans wondering if Beverly Hills Cop was over and one with, but it would appear that Foley had one more movie left in him. 

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