Shay Mitchell Accused of Faking Instagram Vacation Photos

30-year-old actress Shay Mitchell is fairly accustomed to dealing with people who accuse her of not being realistic or worse yet, pretending to be something that she’s not. Recently, the actress, who is also a model and starred on the show Pretty Little Liars, found herself in the hot seat once again. This time, she was accused of taking credit for photographs that other people had taken and then putting them up on social media as if they were her own work.

For her part, Mitchell denies any truth in these accusations whatsoever. In addition, she claims that she is tired of people picking on her and she wishes that the naysayers would find something else to do. That might be relatively easy to understand, as she does seem to come under fire for one thing or another fairly frequently.

This is just the latest round of accusations, as she has previously been accused of taking photographs of herself, photoshopping them in various ways, and then passing them off as authentic, unretouched photos. This has actually happened a number of times, so often in fact that many people are starting to wonder who is really telling the truth here. Of course, most people don’t know whether or not she is actually touching up photos that she claims she is isn’t. However, a lot of people are accusing her of trying to look better than she actually does by refusing to allow any unretouched photos of her to be published.

Therefore, when these latest accusations started to crop up, a lot of people believed them without doing any further investigation. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to become jaded when they hear of this type of thing over and over again. When it involves the same person repeatedly, most people start to believe that the accusations are true, whether there is actually any truth to them or not.

As far as the photoshopping issue goes, only Mitchell and a few photo experts probably know whether or not she’s telling the truth. By the same token, most fans don’t really know all of the details behind these latest accusations. She might be guilty and she may not be. She is sticking to the claim that she has done absolutely nothing wrong. At the same time, other people are accusing her of repeatedly doing things that she shouldn’t be doing when it comes to her photographs.

In the end, it’s impossible to say whether or not she’s completely without fault. It’s really not fair to say that someone has done something wrong without undeniable proof that they actually have. In some cases, you merely have to take that individual’s word for something and let it go. In the best case scenario, her fans will do exactly that. If things continue to go the way they’re going now, she could potentially lose some fans because of these accusations. Therefore, it’s in her best interest to get all of this cleared up one way or the other. Until she does, most fans will simply have to accept the fact that they may never know what is actually going on.

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