10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shane Gillis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shane Gillis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shane Gillis

Whoever said that there is no such thing as bad publicity might change their stand if they see what is happening to Shane Gillis. He is trending, and every search you do of him only results in how he was fired from SNL. Therefore, as you get curious about the fallen-from-grace comedian, here is everything you need to know.

1. He brought to light SNL’s laxity on due diligence

Nowadays, any prospective employer will do a thorough screening of your social media before hiring you. The precaution ensures their association with you does not taint their public image. Even the United States government introduced a new rule that requires any visa applicants to submit information of their social media accounts for the past five years. It is therefore quite surprising that a major television network like NBC did not have the foresight to do a background check of their recruits. All they cared about was that Shane is a renowned comedian prompting the public to carry out their own social media screening of the man.

2. He certainly appears racist, homophobic and sexist

In this day and age, when minorities are finally getting some longed-for recognition, it is an uncivilized move for anyone to make hateful remarks about people based on their race, sexual orientation, or gender. Unfortunately, Shane does not care and believes he is funny only that no one is laughing now. While his racism and sexism may have been highlighted in the past few days, Shane has lost other job opportunities owing to the behavior. The Good Comedy Theatre gave Shane a platform to showcase his skills. However, they had to let him go because he made sexist, racist, and homophobic jokes both on and off stage.

3. He is a man of many talents

Give credit where it is due, and we must say that Shane has proven to be a talented man. Not only can he make people laugh, but he has several credits in several categories. Shane was the director of “Bad Deal” and “Death to the World,” both of which he also co-wrote. He also is an excellent film producer as depicted by his works in “Bad Deal” and “City Federal.” Shane also has been credited as a composer, editor, special effects makeup artist and cinematographer among many other roles in the entertainment industry.

4. His net worth

Shane Gillis was looking to strike it big as a stand-up comedian. So, maybe that is why he pushes the boundaries thinking the audience will laugh at anything he says. Unfortunately, Shane is yet to reach the status of successful stand-up comedians like Trevor Noah. Trevor’s net worth is $28 million making him the world’s 4th richest stand-up comedian; Shane has a long way to go since he is worth $400,000. The figure would have gone up had he remained at SNL, but it might go down now that he is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

5. He does not see anything wrong with his racist comments

If you tell someone that what he said was hurtful and instead of apologizing, he begins to justify himself; then he is not remorseful for his actions. Shane feels he has nothing to apologize for as long as he is making a name for himself. Despite many SNL fans posting on how racist and sexist the comments made were, to him, there is nothing wrong with whatever he says. Shane explains that it is part of his job description to push the limits. He said he would be happy to apologize to anyone who feels offended. However, that is not a statement of someone willing to make amends since he should have begun with an apology instead of a justification.

6. He was fired from SNL immediately after being hired

The day people will learn to avoid the urge to post something on the internet will be the day when most prospective jobs will be saved. They say the internet never forgets and Shane knows how much it can cost someone to say something that is not taken lightly by the public. Shane along with Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang was hired as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. The announcement of his recruitment was on 12 September 2019 but barely a week later on 16 September 2019, the world learned of his dismissal. To Shane, it was a golden opportunity lost because he wanted to prove himself but his past words caught up with him.

7. He had to move to Philadelphia to progress in comedy

Christians know too well how Christ said that a prophet would never get honor in his house and hometown. The saying has proven true for most successful businessmen such as Israeli-born Micky Arison whose father had to move to the United States for greener pastures. Currently, Micky is worth $8.9 billion according to Millionaire before 50. Similarly, Shane thought it wise to move away from his hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia and he has been successful.

8. His awards in comedy

Shane ventured into comedy in 2012, and three years later, he had gained quite a reputation for his jokes. He came in third at the yearly “Philly’s Phunniest” challenge held by Helium Comedy Club. By 2016, Shane had mastered the game, and his competence led to him winning the award.

9. He is a footballer

Shane might have become a footballer if he had taken the sport seriously since he already had an interest in it. In high school, he was the offensive tackle on the team and after graduating Shane joined the United States Military Academy where he was enlisted to play the game. His focus shifted because he did not stay long enough to finish the training. The reason for dropping the interest in football could be as Andrew Limbong described on Wikipedia. According to him, Shane has the post-jock energy of someone though not bitter about it, realized that he was not cut out to play thus stopped.

10. His education

There is not much information about where Shane went for his primary education, but he attended Trinity High School for his secondary education where he graduated in 2006. After leaving the military academy, Shane joined Temple University to get his undergraduate degree in History. He must have performed well because he held a brief teaching job in Spain. Temple University has a reputation of having a diverse student body which could be where Shane’s racism began.

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