Shameless Season 7 Episode 6 Review “The Defenestration of Frank”

Shameless Season 7 Episode 6 Review “The Defenestration of Frank”


After last week’s filler episode, I was hoping for something exciting this week. Nothing groundbreaking happened, but that sentimentality came through again this week. There were a few great scenes between the siblings exchanging stories that I loved.

Frank’s Home for the Homeless implodes in on itself when the residents of the shelter (including his new family) become suspicious and find all the money he’s taken from their income. The business he’s running is genius, by the way. Charities donate furniture and appliances and then he resells. Classic Frank. The residents throw him out of the second-floor window, hence the title, “The Defenestration of Frank.” Back to square one, Frank.

In a surprising development, Kev walks in on Svetlana and Yvon sleeping together while they think V and Kev are at work. This comes as quite a shock as the couple believe Yvon is her father. This subplot was funny, but obvious to the viewer that he’s not her father at all. He’s her husband, who didn’t see that coming? The marriage web continues to tangle itself.

Dom tries to get back together with Carl, and her father proves that his daughter can’t be trusted. I’m still confused with why the writer’s chose to switch Dom up like they did. He makes the right call and goes to military school anyway. Fiona even gives him a pep talk about how Gallagher’s don’t back down from a challenge.

Debbie and Neil, Sierra’s brother with brain damage, get engaged. They have a heated argument over a dinner party about the engagement. Debbie thinks it’s a good move for both her and Neil. I’m torn, in a way I think it’s a cute relationship, but I also think that Debbie is just using Neil. Frank refuses to give Debbie his consent for them to marry, but Fiona surprises Debbie when she agrees to do it. This is a good step for both. Fiona is starting to acknowledge that she must treat Debbie like an adult, in all situations.

Speaking of adulthood, Sierra and Lip are getting very comfortable with each other. Lip asks her if they are still casual, and she gets mad (rightly so) and tells him to leave. He apologizes later and admits that he’s accidentally ended up in relationships that started off casually. I think it took a lot for him to say that, so I’m glad the writers are allowing Lip some growth.

Fiona buys the laundromat from the old lady and I can already tell this will blow up in her face. She clearly likes this woman a lot, but she forgets almost everything. I guarantee this woman will forget ever signing the lease off to Fiona, and she will end up in massive legal problems. Lip gets angry at her when she reveals that she used their house as collateral. He reminds her that the house might be in her name, but it belongs to the entire family. Lip and Fiona have a fierce competition to see who is more valuable to the family…this will set Fiona behind majorly if it goes wrong.

Ian continues to be my favorite character this season when a woman dies under his care in the ambulance. He was so confident that she would make it to the hospital just fine, and then she dies. It was so sudden and sad. Who does he go to see? Trevor! Yes, how wonderful! They are heated in the moment, and they admit that they’re both “tops,” to which they laugh it off. I love this relationship, friendship, whatever it is, I love it. I especially loved when Ian defended Trevor when Lip called him a “she.”

Shameless is constantly maturing, and I’m so glad we get to see these characters grow and change. How do the writers keep it new and exciting every week? Can’t wait until next week!

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