Hocus Pocus 2 Sounds Too Similar to the First Movie

Hocus Pocus 2 Sounds Too Similar to the First Movie

Hocus Pocus 2 Sounds Too Similar to the First Movie

Hocus Pocus 2 has been a part of the overall conversation when it comes to Hollywood since around 2019 when the idea was first revealed. The first movie was a lot of fun and it’s one of those that a lot of people, including myself, still watch since it’s witty, charming, and despite having much darker undertones it follows the Disney model quite well, especially considering that the comedic qualities it possesses kind of dulls the otherwise disturbing aspects of it. Keep in mind that the witches were consuming the life force of children, which would be evil enough when taken in a different direction pertaining to horror. Then comes the idea that they serve Satan, they were hung in the sight of pretty much everyone present, and they had a spellbook that was alive in a way. Then tack on the fact that there were a few other moments in the movie that could have been seen as uniquely disturbing, and it’s easy to get the idea that as innocent as Disney tries to make their movies, it’s like putting a cushy blanket over the TV when a grisly horror movie is on, it only dulls so much. 

The upside is that kids, who these movies are created for, don’t really read into it that much, which means that Hocus Pocus and its sequel will no doubt be able to get away with quite a bit. But here’s one problem, and it stems from learning just a little bit about the plot. Apparently, three young women are going to bring the witches back inadvertently, and while it might not involve the black flame candle that was the catalyst in the first movie, it’s still enough to think that this similarity is enough to make a person shake their head in wonder at how some sequel ideas are considered to be worthwhile, and others are tossed out as movies are shelved in development hell for years to come. Plus, the idea that the witches will be attempting to wreak havoc when they return makes one wonder if they’re going to be after children again, or if that’s going to be considered taboo in this day and age thanks to stories of child trafficking that have hit the news way too often in recent times. 

It sounds cynical, I get it, but the Mouse House has already made it pretty clear that they’ve decided to stick with the woke style of storytelling while still trying to do their own thing so they don’t offend too many people on either side of the PC issue. If the witches aren’t back to consume the life force of children though one has to wonder what kind of trouble they’re bound to cause since it’s been proven that their spells are rather formidable, but it’s also been seen that they’re not that bright at times, and even if some of the same old tricks don’t work, one has to imagine that their lack of knowledge about the 21st century could be a huge hindrance. It took them forever to realize that All Hallows Eve had become a pale imitation of what they remembered, and it’s also easy to remember that the world they came back to places them at a huge disadvantage when it comes to pitting their wits against those that can accept their presence and use the landscape to their advantage.

That point makes me wonder at this time how the movie will be directed since the first one made it clear that the witches had no real concept of the 20th century, but they might be a little tougher to beat since they now have prior knowledge of how the world works, at least in some regards. They know that a road isn’t a black river of death and that people are still susceptible to their magic, so there’s at least some advantage that they still hold. Still, with the thought that this is a Disney movie, it’s bound to happen that the movie will be quite similar to the first one when it comes to how the whole story plays out. One also has to wonder if any of the other cast members will make it back, or if the witches will be the only original actors. 

It could also happen that Disney is depending on the idea that, since it’s been decades, that the older fans of this movie will turn younger fans onto the idea, thereby making it appear as a new movie that won’t be entirely dependent on the first one. It’s a thought at least, but as of now, it does feel as though that the second movie is going to be a little too similar to the first. At the same time, it’s possible that it might be a lot of fun, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. 

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