Shameless Season 5 Episode 4 Review: “A Night to Remem–Wait, What?”


Here comes the bride, all dressed in…stripes? Well Shameless doesn’t do normal, so I shouldn’t be surprised that Fiona walked down the aisle with a guy we all met last week. Oh, wait so did she? Time jumps in television usually suggest that nothing important happened during that time we didn’t see, so what does that say about Fiona and Gus’ relationship?

The time jump a week forward really disconnected me from this episode. We didn’t hear anything about Sheila’s house, and Frank’s plotline this episode was really unsatisfying.

A lot happened with Frank, but it’s no fun to watch a plot go backwards. We know Frank has lost all of his money, but how? Oh who cares! In summation, Frank couldn’t remember anything from the previous day so he retraces his steps to find out where all of the money has gone. He cashed his check, bought everyone rounds of drinks at the Alibi, bought a Porsche, ran over a valet and cracked the windshield, he gambled a lot of money and doubled it, and then donated the rest of his money to disabled children who need prosthetic limbs (he then tried to steal a leg, unsuccessfully). We didn’t really learn anything new about Frank, and I honestly was hoping to see something of Sheila and we got nothing.

Fiona had some impulsive decisions this episode. I think her boss summed it up best, “Let us know how week two goes.” Gus and Fi have spent a week together, and he has already admitted to falling in love with her. Instead of Fi backing out and running like I expected, she eventually comes to the conclusion that she loves him too. Gus is really normal, which makes me worried. Jimmy/Steve was pretty normal at first and then he was nothing but weird and suspicious. Gus even knows that they’ve known each other for nine days and twelve hours, but for some reason it wasn’t creepy, but cute?

He’s known her for this long and only just then meets Fiona’s family, and not even all of them. So where does this add up to getting married? He tells her that his parents got married after two days are still together. I wish Fi had mentioned her parents in this moment; it would be really nice to see Gus’ reaction to her unstable life.

They go through with it. Fi definitely has cold feet (who wouldn’t), and they debate if the entire idea is stupid before they get married anyway. The scene was shot interestingly; music overlaid the scene so we couldn’t hear them say their vows, which I feel only foreshadows as to how horrible this will end. Gus’ band members show up and serenade Gus and Fi, and it’s super cheesy (I’m already sick of them at this point and they’ve been married for half of an episode). I think Fi’s boss and I are on the same page, because he said, “From now on, anytime you get married take the day off.” What a testament to how he and I view Fi! Maybe Gus will work out. Fi’s face at the final scene suggests otherwise.

Meanwhile, Lip is in Orlando bonding with Amanda’s dad, and it was fun to watch. Amanda seemed to be enjoying it, too. Her life is so different from anything Lip knows. Honestly, we are not getting enough Lip screen time. I’m really disappointed with how little we see him. Ian is on drugs again, and it’s not doing him any good. He’s started picking up lost luggage at the airport and hoarding and sorting the items inside in the house. I am so worried. I hope soon enough we will see an episode that features Ian and Lip’s problems.

However, now that Lip and Ian have less screen time we get to see more of Debbie, which is awesome. In this episode, Debbie gets a new crush, and he’s her age! He was pretty cute, too. Yay, Debbie. He talks a lot about how he started boxing, though, and I don’t really like that at all. I like the idea that Debbie wants to learn some defense training, because she’s already so ready to start fights of her own. I loved the scene where Fi and Debbie were talking over the phone. I have so much hope for their relationship, and I have a feeling this season will allow them to grow closer. I can see them being much older and calling just to talk every day.

I had some issues with how some minor people of color were portrayed in this week’s episode. Carl started selling drugs (out of left field to be honest) and the other kids who sell drugs are teaching him about the business, but they’re all black. So far, the only person of color who is a regular character is V and honestly, that’s just not enough. V and Kev are even about to hire a babysitter for the night, and she’s a young girl of color but guess what? She doesn’t say a word while she’s on screen. I was so very disappointed. Shameless can take steps in the right direction to give better representation of POC on the show.

This episode got many reactions from me while it was on, but in retrospect, it wasn’t a fantastic episode. However, it had its funny moments.

Some funny moments:

– I liked the cute scenes between Fi and Gus in the diner. There was a nice exchange after he told her he was falling in love with her when he said, “Go away, now it’s awkward.” It made me smile.

– I loved the phone conversation between V and Fi, and I loved it even more when V hung up on Fi for telling her about Gus.

– I am so relieved that V told Kev what happened on the dancefloor. This couple does not mess around.

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