You Have To See This Insane Thai Commercial for Chocolate

You Have To See This Insane Thai Commercial for Chocolate

You Have To See This Insane Thai Commercial for Chocolate

This isn’t too incredibly weird since it does serve the purpose of the commercial to be certain, but it’s still weird since a woman revealing a third eye to her companion while he hides a second mouth from her, along with a chocolate bar. Yeah, that’s a little nuts, but in a very understandable manner. The manner by which people try to sell their products is, as anyone should be able to imagine at this point, kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways since some commercials won’t appear to have anything to do with the product they’re selling unless it’s from a completely peripheral standpoint. This commercial at least has the advantage of keeping things fairly connected, even though the third eye and then the second mouth go so far out when they’re revealed that one has to back for a moment and remind themselves that they’re watching. There are times when one has to wonder what’s really going through the minds of those that are making these commercials and whether or not they’re even asked to keep the content within certain boundaries.

There are times when it feels that the writers that come up with this stuff are given a blank canvas and no restraints when they’re asked to think up ideas that might work since some of the stuff that’s seen on TV when it comes to commercials is enough to make a person wonder if the world has gone mad and they’re the only left in the sane bubble that everyone else has apparently abandoned. But while there are plenty of people who don’t fully grasp the idea of some commercials, it’s not always about the story, but about the visuals. For instance, a car commercial that actually shows the vehicle and doesn’t get into an entire storyline detailing something that has little if anything to do with automobiles, will rely heavily on visuals, such as the way the vehicle runs, handles, and how it looks.

Fast food franchises will do the same, as will many other companies. But the point is that keeping it tight and to the product is often far more effective than trying to tell a story that takes a person’s attention so wide of the mark that they have to be snapped back into place to get them interested in the product again. A lot of people would be likely to argue with me on this one since of course, I’m just a writer, not a marketing executive or anyone else that might understand the statistics behind such things. But as a consumer, a lot of us should be able to figure out what appeals to our sense of need, want, and desire, and we should be able to admit that some commercials make us laugh, some make us want the product being advertised, and some just confuse the living hell out of us. The latter is often given storylines that don’t make a lot of sense when it comes time to connect them to the product, and as a result, consumers might still buy the product, but it won’t be due to the commercial. That’s when a company should be fortunate that sometimes all people need to hear is the word ‘buy’ and they’ll be primed for just about anything.

When it comes to food though it does feel that things are going to be pretty hit and miss since what looks great to one person might not look so appealing to the next one simply because of their different tastes. This is why storylines in commercials like these can be a bonus, but they can also be a big distraction. This commercial was kind of funny since the guy knew he was caught, the audience knew he was caught, and it was likely that the woman was about to reveal how she knew about his theft of the chocolate bar. But then she revealed her secret, the third eye, and nearly had a breakdown until he stood up and embraced her. But of course, when the mouth in the back of his neck was revealed to be holding the chocolate bar as it started to munch on it. she started guessing something was up.

All in all, this commercial was kind of funny and definitely out there when it came to the content. To sell a chocolate bar this feels like a very odd but amusing way to go, and to be sure, Americans can’t say much since our commercials are like mini-stories as well sometimes. Now and then they don’t even make sense. But it’s fair to think that we’ll keep seeing more and more of these types of commercials so long as people are willing to watch them, and buy the products of course. That neck-mouth though, yeesh.

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