Seven Great Uses of Bikers in Movies and Television

Sons of Anarchy

When you don’t lose any chance to talk about your bike, you know that you’re a real biker. If you go to the movies and you only want to watch movies about a motorcycle, there’s no hope for you. You’re going to love your bike until the end of days. As we’re no real experts in movies, but we know a thing or two about motorcycles and films, here are our recommendations on films with bikes and bikers in them. Without any further introduction, here’s our list:

1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Probably one of the most representative bike movies in the last couple of years, Mad Max: Fury Road is going to stay with you for a while, no matter if you’re an avid biker or not. The apocalyptic story is set in the future when humanity is broken. People are fighting for bare necessities of life, and the desert landscape seems like the perfect scenery for the story. Two rebels on the run are going to fight for restoring order. Max (Tom Hardy) is a man of few words but determined to fight. Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is one woman that firmly believes that getting to her childhood homeland is going to help her survive. Winner of 6 Oscars and nominated for hundreds of awards, the movie isn’t one to skip on, especially if you love motorcycles and films alike.

2. Easy Rider (1969)

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper play two young “hippie” bikers that sell dope in Southern California. Determined to find the right way to live their lives, the young bikers are stashing their money in the gas tank of the bikers. Having to face the bigotry and hatred in small-town communities, The two bikers have to confront prejudice and hate along the way. They also find that they’re not the only non-conformists out there as they run over a kind hippie community that is determined to live their impossible dream. A story about trying to make it out there when you don’t go by the rules and, on top of everything else, you also ride a bike. With two Oscar nominations, the movie isn’t just about bikers, but also a movie to see if you’re into film.

3. Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014)

For those of you who cannot get enough of a biker movie and want to start a movie series, the Sons of Anarchy may become the no.1 choice. Sons of Anarchy (aka SAMCRO) is, in fact, a motorcycle club that runs both legal and illegal businesses in Charming (a small town). They’re running a garage and gun-running business, spicing it all up with some involvement in porn film. The president (Clay) likes the violent and old school way, whereas Jax (the stepson) wants to change the things for the better (using his dead father’s journal as guidance). It’s only a matter of time until the conflict between the two is going to impact both the club and their relationship.

4. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

This movie is for the dedicated biker that spends all of his spare time working on his motorcycle. It’s for all the bikers that search high and low for the best outdoor motorcycle cover, the best alarm system, or pretty much any accessory to make his motorcycle stand out.  The movie depicts the adventure of Burt Munro (1899-1978) who worked for 25 years on increasing the speed of his motorcycle, 1920 Indian (hence, the name of the movie). Anthony Hopkins (who can ever get bored from seeing him play in a film?) plays the character that is determined to take the bike to the Bonneville Salt Flats for seeing how fast it can go. As a heart disease poses a risk for his life, Burt Munro has to mortgage the house, taking a boat to Los Angeles. It’s a real adventure for him to get the Indian in Utah, but his friendless and open soul makes it all easier. Watch it see how it ends.

5. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

In all fairness, when it comes to Ernesto Che Guevera, we’re all mesmerized and inflicted. The movie presents the adventure of 23-year old medical student Ernesto Guevara that decides to postpone the last semester and go with a friend on an 8,000 km long dream motorcycle trip. They start their journey in Buenos Aires, going throughout South America. The two young adults want to see all the things they’ve been reading about in books. They’re supposed to end the adventure on Alberto’s (the friend of Ernesto) thirtieth birthday on the other side of the continent, in Venezuela. The constant lack of money, the unexpected events, the inevitable fights between the two turn this adventure and movie into an excellent option for any young biker who dreams about discovering oneself.

6. Ghost Rider

For the rider that wants to watch a thriller with bikes, our no.6 is one choice to keep in mind. Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) made a deal with the Devil, and he’s on the run. He has to make sure that his alter ego, the Ghost Rider, isn’t going to hurt anyone. A monk named Moreau offers to help him become free of the Rider. In exchange for the help, Johnny has to protect a boy whom Roarke (the Devil) has plans for. Intriguing enough?

7. The Best Bar in America (2009)

A whiskey-fueled writing job takes the main character on a memorable motorcycle road trip through the taverns and bars across the American West. Riding a 1960 BMW R60/2, Sanders (David Aykroyd) is going to travel from the red rock deserts of Utah and Arizona to the mountains of Montana. Meeting all sorts of characters along the way, Sanders is going to learn soon enough the way of the road. It’s an adventure movie, and many bikers are going to relate to the story.

Honorable mention to Stone Cold and of course the awesome gang in Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure.  We’re also big fans of Mask.

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