See Former Bold and the Beautiful Stars Dylan Neal and Jennifer Finnigan in Their New Hallmark Movies

See Former Bold and the Beautiful Stars Dylan Neal and Jennifer Finnigan in Their New Hallmark Movies

The Bold and the Beautiful fans might be excited to see a lot of things happen in the show, but what about when your favorite actors take on new roles outside of daytime? There was one former star who recently showed up in a movie on the Hallmark Channel to star the fall and holiday season, and we were all so excited to see him make his appearance. It was Dylan Neal from the Bold and the Beautiful, and he was alongside the lovely Nikki DeLoach, who played Brenda in Days of Our Lives. He was also Dylan on the Bold and the Beautiful — Dylan Shaw to be precise. He was a man who was going to make the most of his life, and he was going to do it with a vengeance. It’s been a while since he was on the show, but he’s another actor who has made it his job to play in Hallmark movies and make the big money.

He’s a man who did not want to stop his career in daytime for just any reason, and he’s back on television for yet another Hallmark appearance. He showed up in his new movie on September 22. It’s called “Truly, Madly, Sweetly,” which is about him and his family and his new friend, Natalie (played by former Days star Nikki DeLoach). His aunt passed away, and she left him — and Natalie — her food truck and a building that was once a bakery of the historic type. Their job is to take the building and the truck and renovate it, turn it into a successful new restaurant type location and make the magic happen. They can’t do that, however, if they don’t work together. And, of course, their romance blossomed as they worked together on this project.

She is the one who doesn’t want to see things take a turn to the romantic, but he’s not entirely against it. Their movie focuses on the work they are doing and the fact that they have to do it together in a way that doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable. She’s not loving the fact that she’s developing feelings for this man or the way things are going for her in her life. She’s trying to keep it all business, but he’s so into her and she’s not able to deny her feelings for him. There’s too much to do and too much going on, and it was a great movie.

You can see Bold and the Beautiful Dylan — former Dylan to be precise — working on things as they happen. He’s been starring in Hallmark movies for years, and we thought we might run down a small list of those for you. He’s been “Cedar Cove,” and he’s been in “The Gourmet Detective” and he’s been in “Looks Like Christmas,” and more. He’s also been in a few Lifetime movies, and he’s been on the big, big screen.

We also have one more former B&B star who will show up in a Hallmark movie this year to share with you. Do you remember Bridget Forrester? You should, considering she’s been back for a few weddings lately. However, she’s got a new look about her since she was recast recently. The woman who was once Bridget is Jennifer Finnigan, who is now playing the roles of different women. She was Bridget, but now she is a woman who is called Madison. She’s starring in a movie called “Welcome to Christmas,” which premieres on November 25, 2018.

She’s starring alongside Eric Mabius. She’s a resort developer who has to find a new ski resort location, and she’s going to butt heads with the local sheriff. He has no idea she’s someone who wants to make his little town into a resort community, and he will not like it. He will, on the other hand, like her. She will be someone to whom he gives a ride so that she can meet with the mayor, and he will not be happy that this woman he had such a connection with ended up being someone who will work so hard to destroy the little town he loves so much. It’s going to be interesting, to say the least.

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