See 25-Year-Old Jon Hamm on a Dating Show

If you’re like me, you might have watched Mad Men and wondered where exactly Jon Hamm came from. Like, we’ve seen many other heartthrobs grow up over time from Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt, but Jon Hamm just simply like…appeared as this 40 year old man-god.

Well, turns out he was just as handsome in his ’20s. Some rare footage has been unearthed of Hamm as a contestant on a dating show called “The Big Date” in 1996. He was 25, and had a chance to woo a cute Indian girl with his sales pitching skills.

He actually gave the worst answer out of any of the guys if you ask me, but I didn’t watch the full episode so I don’t know whether or not he got the girl in the end.  Nevertheless this was Hamm’s first start as an actor.  Looks like his hair and teeth have had some serious makeovers.

Guess Hamm aged like a fine wine because we really didn’t catch on to his greatness until later on.

See Hamm and his immature ways above.


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