10 Things You Didn’t Know about Secrets in the Ice

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Secrets in the Ice

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Secrets in the Ice

There are some mysteries that have plagued humans for thousands of years, and thanks to technology we may finally be at a place where we can solve them. That is something the Discovery Channel series Secrets in the Ice hopes to explore. The series will dive into some very well-known mysteries that have been frozen in time and frozen in ice. The show hopes to uncover some new information. Now in its second season, the series is ready to take viewers in even more adventures. If you love the idea of exploring history while also learning new things, this series is one you may want to seriously consider watching. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Secrets in The Ice.

1. The Show Highlights Mysteries In Different Parts Of The World

One of the cool things about Secrets in The Ice is the fact that the show doesn’t just focus on what part of the world. Instead, viewers will get the chance to travel by learning about mysteries from several different countries including Russia, Antarctica, and Canada.

2. The Show Is Produced By Shark Teeth Films

Secrets in the Ice airs on the Discovery Channel, but it is produced by a company called Shark Teeth Films which is based in Toronto. The company has worked with several other networks to produce multiple shows such as Rugged Justice on Animal Planet and Radical Rides on the Travel Channel.

3. The Show Doesn’t Have Its Own Social Media Profiles

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular for people to want to follow their favorite shows on social media. Unfortunately, however, people won’t be able to do that with Secrets in the Ice. The show doesn’t have any social media profiles, so viewers will need to follow The Discovery Channel’s pages for updates. However, viewers are encouraged to use the hashtag #secretsintheice when discussing the show on social media.

4. The Show Uses Top Of The Line Technology To Investigate Mysteries

Advances in technology have allowed researchers to dig into the past like never before. Secrets in the Ice will be utilizing these advances to help in the quest for new information. According to an official press release for the series, “Using cutting-edge CGI animation along with state-of-the-art archaeological technologies, SECRETS IN THE ICE spotlights the mysteries that have been locked away in icy tombs all over the world for centuries.”

5. The Show Features Insight From Experts

Technology isn’t the only tool the series will use to research and tell stories. The series also includes insight from experts, scientists, and historians who have spent years studying various mysteries. Not only will you be entertained by watching Secrets in the Ice, but you’ll have lots of opportunities to learn new things, too.

6. You Can Stream The Show On Discovery +

If you don’t have cable or aren’t able to watch the show when it airs, the good news is that you can stream all episodes on Discovery + and Furbo TV. Keep in mind, however, that neither service is free. Discover + starts at $4.99 per month and Furbo TV starts at $64.99 per month.

7. It’s Unclear If There Will Be A Third Season

If you’re a TV fan, you know that it can be nerve-wracking waiting to see if a show you like has been renewed or canceled. At the moment, Secrets in the Ice hasn’t been renewed for a third season, but there’s no reason to be alarmed just yet. Since the show is still early in its second season, there’s still hope that it will get the green light for season three.

8. The Show Isn’t Just Adults

There’s no denying the fact that Secrets in the Ice probably isn’t the best show for young children, but it’s not just for adults either. Older kids and teenagers can enjoy the show as well and it can actually be something that [almost] the entire family can watch together.

9. The Show Is Hosted By Jeff Teravainen

Every good show needs a great host (or, in this case, narrator), and that’s exactly what Secrets in the Ice has. The series is hosted by Canadian actor Jeff Teravainen. He has been acting professionally for almost 20 years and some of his most notable credits include shows like Utopia Falls and Dark Matter.

10. The Show Has Gotten Some Solid Reviews

Secrets in the Ice may not be one of the most popular shows on TV, but it’s built a solid fan base of people who really enjoy what it has to offer. According to IMDB, the show currently has a 7.9/10 rating with a total of 51 reviews. That number will likely grow in the future.mysteries

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