The 10 Most Horrifying True Crime Episodes to Watch on Discovery Plus

The 10 Most Horrifying True Crime Episodes to Watch on Discovery Plus

If you have recently subscribed to Discovery Plus for their true crime selection, it may be hard to know where to start. This streaming platform has a multitude of shows with hundreds of episodes showcasing true crime stories that are hard to fathom. Below are the 10 most horrifying true crime episodes to watch on Discovery Plus.

1. Dead Silent “His Blue Light”: Season 4, Episode 11

In the 1900s, a sexual predator, Robert Todd Burmingham, known as “The Blue Light Rapist” will go on to attack women across the state of Arkansas. Using flashing blue lights, he pulls his victims over who assume they are about to interact with a police officer. Shannon Wood, a 17-year old who was pulled over by Burmingham, shares what she went through and how she helped lead police to her attacker.

2. Evil Lives Here: “My Son is Damaged Goods”: Season 9, Episode 2

A boy, Peter Avsenew, is devastated after his sister is murdered by her boyfriend. At first, his mom, Jeanne Avsenew, thinks it is just a phase that he will grow out of. Unfortunately, there is a multitude of shocking events that truly scare her, and she struggles to find help dealing with him. At one point, she even finds a gun with a bullet with her name on it, literally.

3. Fear Thy Neighbor “Tunnel of Hate”: Season 3, Episode 4

Ann Hoover becomes neighbors with a man after they buy adjoining houses. She doesn’t know him, but at first, he seems very ambitious and like he will do a good job restoring his home. As time goes on, it becomes clear that he doesn’t know what he is doing and she must take action, creating conflict. As the title suggests, one of the neighbors would be murdered after a neighbor breaks in through a tunnel dug beneath the houses.

4. Disappeared “Road to Nowhere”: Season 7, Episode 3

Bryce Laspisa is a 19-year-old college student who is on his way to visit his parents. He tells his mom he has something to tell her, but unfortunately, she will never know what was troubling him. After a series of odd events, he never returns to his home. His car is found crashed, but he is nowhere to be seen. This case has baffled his family and police, who have no clue where to look for him.

5. Evil Lives Here “He Pretends to Be Human”: Season 9, Episode 4

Kelly Pretcher believes she has found the love of her life, Wayne Adam Ford. After they elope, his personality changes before her eyes as he becomes abusive and controlling. He began to have odd sexual fetishes, which she believed started and ended with her. To her surprise, he was a serial killer who murdered 3 prostitutes and a hitchhiker. When turning himself in, a severed body part was kept in his pocket.

6. Nightmare Next Door “Midwestern Malice”: Season 3, Episode 5

Laura Wynn is found murdered by strangulation in her home in Missouri. Although there is a good amount of evidence, detectives struggle to find out who convicted the murder. It will take 13 years and a new detective to unlock the secret to the case. DNA later proves that someone in the community has been living as if nothing has happened for over a decade.

7. Fear Thy Roommate “Panic Room”: Season 1, Episode 7

When two friends reconnect, they decide to room together in a house. However, their friendship soon begins turning into a mutual hatred for each other. One of the women becomes extremely abusive as frustrations continue to grow. Their toxic relationship ends in a brutal stabbing, leaving one of the women dead.

8. Dark Temptations “Recipe For Murder”: Season 1, Episode 6

Some people enjoy listening to music by Insane Clown Posse and live completely normal lives. However, teenage juggalos take the music a little too literally. After spending so much time listening to and even creating their own rap music, they decide they want to write a song based on real life. Unfortunately, their idea of “real life” is luring in an unsuspecting victim and murdering him.

9. Betrayed “Coed Killer”: Season 2, Episode 4

Angela Samota is a 20-year-old woman attending college living in an off-campus apartment. After an evening with her friends, Angela would be found murdered in her home. Evidence showed that she was raped, beaten, and left for dead lying in her bedroom. Her case would be unsolved for nearly two decades until new evidence is brought to light.

10. Your Worst Nightmare “Unexpected Company”: Season 2, Episode 3

The Sumners are an elderly couple who recently reconnected and fell in love. After marrying, they retire to Florida to live out the rest of their days happily in love. A previous neighbor, Tiffany Cole, visits the Sumners with her boyfriend. While the sweet elderly couple adores Tiffany, she would end up being the one who leads their murderers to their home.

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