Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner needs no introduction. A model and a businesswoman with a massive fan following on social media – 370 million followers on Instagram alone. The impact she has is insane.

She continues to ace the social media game with her beauty. A single video of her just showing her regular routine gets millions of views on any social media platform, be it YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

This makes her the youngest billionaire with a huge fan following. Everyone gets excited when it comes to the purchases made by their favorite celebrity. That’s part of human nature. Let’s dig into the most expensive purchases of Kylie Jenner.

She’s a Diamond Girl

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Credit: @kyliejenner

One of the things to be considered among her expensive purchases are diamond rings, no doubt she has many diamond rings but this one cost around $7000. She prefers wearing jewelry but never shows off.

Only Designer Clothes

Their personality and their income are directly linked to what they wear and carry. How could Kylie compromise on clothing? She has eye-catching dresses designed by top designers that are considered her biggest expenses.

Spending a Fortune on a Watch

Kylie is a fan of accessories. She has a classic and luxurious taste at the same time that’s what makes her different. She owns many accessories but a Rolex watch which is $53,000 is also part of her most expensive purchase.

Owns Private Jet

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Credit: @kyliejenner

Kylie never travels on commercial flights. She owns a private jet and likes to travel on it. The private jet costs around $1 million – that’s huge. Her jet made headlines when she went for a 12-minute flight not considering its environmental impact.

Her Nag for Handbags

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Credit: @kyliejenner

Kylie got an entire bag collection. All of them are designer bags which is not even surprising. The surprising part is she owns a Hermes Berkin bag which costs around $ 432,000, for one; not to mention she has an entire row of Hermes bags.

Gigantic Parties

Kylie loves to throw parties and enjoy time with her friends and family. Every party is unique and arranged in a very lavish manner. This is why everyone loves her organized and rich parties. The parties are also on the list of largest expenses of Kylie.

Her Flawless Extensions

It is the nature of humans that they keep seeking change. Either in terms of lifestyle, environment, or self-grooming. Kylie loves to doll herself. To not get bored of her looks and styles, she has a collection of hair extensions. Which keeps changing as she wants. The hair extension collection is also on the list of the biggest expenses.

She Invests in Skincare

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Credit: @kyliejenner

Kylie is a person who loves clean things, either be it home, work or hygiene. This can be justified by the fact that most of her spending is also on expensive manicures and pedicures in general skin care. That’s the reason we always see her hands and feet super tidy.

Pets Are Worth Spending On

Before becoming a mother, Kylie had 3 puppies, and she loved to spend time with them. After Stormi’s birth, she decided to adopt more puppies of a different breed. Which were for sure expensive. The price of one of her puppies was around $50,000!

Stormi the Queen

Each parent works 10 times harder for their child, to fulfill their needs and provide him with the best of things. Kylie and Stormi have a beautiful relationship, setting mother-daughter goals for many. A parent goes beyond the limits of his/her child. Kylie does the same, never compromises on her daughter’s desires and necessities. She’s famous for spoiling her with designer socks, shoes, and dresses since birth. She has effortlessly slayed co-parenting giving her daughter a healthy relationship with both her parents, even Kim Kardashian takes parenting advice from Kylie.

A $200K Pony

This sounds completely silly and funny at the same time. Spending more than a reasonable amount of money on such a regular item but everything seems legal and cool when you have money. The hair pony on which Kylie had spent $200,000 was a gift for her munchkin (her daughter) Stormi.

Her Collection of Cars

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Credit: @kyliejenner

Most people earn and save alongside to get their dream car and only the lucky ones get their dreams come to reality. Kylie has also spent money on luxurious cars and loves to drive them. Her luxury car collection includes the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and many other luxury cars. These all are considered to be amongst the most luxurious cars in the world.

Invest Like Kylie

Insanely Expensive Purchases of Kylie Jenner

Credit: @kyliejenner

You’ll often hear many investment mentors say that the wisest decision a person can make is to put his money in real estate investments. As such investments have long-term benefits and provide you confidence, a luxury feel, and a good amount of money at any point if you decide to sell it.

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