Meet the Cast of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong”

Tyler Perry has been on a roll throughout the last several years when it comes to films and TV and it doesn’t appear that he’s slowing down any time soon since If Loving You Is Wrong is another of his more successful endeavors that’s been pushed through to this point. It’s not for certain yet just when the fifth season will air, or it was uncertain as of September, but with the popularity of the show it seems more than likely that they might not make people wait any longer than they have to in order to appease the fans by bringing the show back. In some ways the show is easy for some to relate to on a relationship basis since people throughout the world have different feelings towards one another and the bonds they share, but as far as the people and the whole theme of the show it’s kind of up to the individual to decide how they feel about the characters and their differences.

Let’s meet a few of the cast members.

Eltony Williams

This show seems to be Eltony’s most current project and aside from Revenge it’s also his only recurring role in a few years. But you can’t say that he’s had an unfulfilling life since he served as a US Marine for 23 years and graduated cum laude from Northern Illinois University, which is nothing to laugh at really since it means that he’s done plenty with his life including his acting career. Whether he’ll carry on after the show or not has yet to be seen but he’s accomplished quite a bit.

Aiden Turner

At one point in his career it seemed like Aiden took a very long break from film and TV and then came back to create a stable but not overly successful career. He’s been on the show since 2014 and is still there so it’s fair to say that he’s done something right and is still worthy of being called a star and being a part of the cast. A lot of people might have seen him on Dancing With The Stars since he was featured, but it seems that he and his partner were eliminated after a while. He’s still got his part on the show at least.

Amanda Clayton

Amanda seems to have moved past the show and already has another series that is currently filming as she continues forward with her career. You can’t really blame anyone for looking to the future when the next season of a show isn’t guaranteed to come around any time soon. She’s been pretty busy for the last year since she’s been finding one project after another to complete and has managed to keep building onto her career.

April Parker Jones

April has had a great time moving from show to show thus far and has made it to The Resident, Supergirl, and then to The Last Ship just within a year’s time. That’s one heck of a move from one show to another and it’s kind of easy to wonder about her presence in the fifth season whenever it comes. Her part will obviously still be there and it wouldn’t be much of a wonder to realize she’s going to stay for as long the show is on the air.

Zulay Henao

Zulay is another actress that’s been working hard to keep her career moving forward and has done a great job with it since she’s found more than a few projects to move on towards since her time on the show. It’s kind of assumed that everyone is going to be coming back for season five since there’s nothing to indicate otherwise, but given the schedules of those that are continually busy at the moment it’s going to be kind of difficult to see how they can possibly juggle everything in an efficient manner.

Edwina Findley

Edwina actually moved on from the show to Fear the Walking Dead, which is kind of amusing given the vast difference between the two shows. But it does prove that she has range and is able to take on very different roles that are greatly conflicting in their situations and therefore the type of characters she has to play. She’s been busy with other roles as well and still has a couple of projects that have yet to conclude, so chances are she’s going to stay busy for a while.

So far it looks like most of the cast, and there more not mentioned, are doing pretty well since the show started and might even be working on a season five at this moment. The chances are good that it will be out before you know it since Tyler Perry’s work seems to be in high demand and for good reason. The guy just gets people.

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