Why This Season of NCIS: New Orleans Might Be Its Best

Why This Season of NCIS: New Orleans Might Be Its Best

The premiere of the of NCIS New Orleans’ fourth season was on CBS September 26, 2017. This season of the show will be made up of 22 episodes and follows “Bull” at 10:00 pm (ET) on Tuesdays. Frankly, this season looks so far like it could very well be the best so far. NCIS New Orleans stars Scott Bakula playing NCIS NOLA’s head honcho Dwayne Cassius Pride, Lucas Black who plays his number two Christopher LaSalle, as well as Vanessa Ferlito playing Tammy Gregorio, Rob Kerkovich playing Sebastian Lund, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell playing Patton Plame, Shalita Grant playing Sonja Percy, and C. C. H. Pounder, who plays Loretta Wade.

Bye Bye Mayor Hamilton

Now, at the end of season 3, Pride and his crew had finally taken down Mayor Hamilton, who was just as corrupt as the day is long. Following that, Pride was on a forced administrative leave, pending his agreement to sign papers stating that he’ll behave himself and do things by the book, two things that he’s never been very good at. He has always followed his own path and will probably do so forever but eventually, he agrees to do just that and signs on the dotted line. So, although we’ll kind of miss the NOLA Mayor and his colorful ways, kudos of course to Pride for getting rid of him once and for all. However, there are some local citizens who aren’t all that happy about it because of the lost jobs since the Naval shipyard project that the Mayor had so many folks killed for isn’t going to happen anymore.

What Makes Season 4 the Best Yet?

Prior to signing and returning to work, Pride refurbs his burned-out bar to its former glory and then some. He seems to be as happy as a clam just running the place. He plays the piano for the customers and even gets up and sings on-stage. This whole side of him is great fun to watch. But, the highlight had to be when the great Jimmy Buffet performed “I Will Play for Gumbo” at the grand opening.

While Pride was still on hiatus, we loved watching LaSalle get his chance at running the team. He’s not exactly running the department though, as the powers that be have placed Supervisory Special Agent Paula Boyd in that position. Basically, nobody likes her and she hates Pride, so they both bristle when he finally comes back to NCIS New Orleans to save the day. It’s one of those great TV moments when she begrudgingly relinquishes control back to Pride and he takes over again. He’s obviously the only man for the job.

Through it all, it’s great to watch the team get closer to the point where they actually seem to finish each other’s sentences. Even Sebastian has matured and gained confidence as an integral part of the team. So, the team dynamic is one of the things that makes this season so great. In addition, Gregorio and Percy have suddenly become BFFs and will be sharing an apartment with a view together.

So, all in all, between the team dynamic and the somewhat more down-to-earth Pride, who actually took time off to go fishing with his daughter, this season promises to be the best yet. But, then again, it could be because we have fallen more and more in love with all of the characters and, yes, with the city itself as each season unfolds. We just hope they’ll have Jimmy Buffet back for an encore!

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