Between Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “War”


After what’s felt like an eternity relative to Netflix’s other original releases (even though it’s only been six weeks), we are finally at the season finale of Between. We’ve seen ups, and we’ve seen downs, but now let’s see how things play out in “War.”

The episode begins with Adam and his absent father dealing with the ramifications of the previous episode. As his father leads him away to an abandoned military tunnel, he explains to Adam that there is no cure for the virus. Before he is able to explain more, though, Adam’s father passes away from exposure.

Elsewhere, other townspeople, including Chuck, are handling the fallout from Amanda’s accidental death. Chuck decides to deal with it head-on, but Wiley tries to figure out a way of making things okay for everyone involved. Pat decides to go turn himself in to Chuck, but Chuck and his gang have, unfortunately,  already headed over to his house to solve the problem their own way. Things come to a head at the church as Pat surrenders himself to a possible death at Chuck’s hand under the condition that Chuck and Ronnie end their feud once and for all. Wiley interferes with the execution, though, and makes the shocking revelation about the paternity of her baby’s father. Tension is relieved before Adam bursts into the church to tell everyone about the virus, but the soldiers choose this moment, of course, to start rounding everyone up.

I’m not going to spoil the events from the second half of the finale, but I will say that it was incredibly ridiculous. This season of Between has been a roller coaster of quality, and it managed to somehow worsen that unfortunate trend in the finale. The story of this show was incredibly promising and had a ton of potential, but it was almost entirely ruined by uneven acting and absolutely bizarre storytelling decisions. Relationships showed potential themselves in plenty of moments, but then the story would take a turn that almost nullified every bright moment that Between offered. This finale, in particular, had a few moments that legitimately made me burst out laughing because of line delivery or unnecessary dramatic coincidence, and I know that it was not the intended reaction. I find it so incredibly hard to believe that the script for this episode was thought up in the same writers room that wrote the first two episodes of the series, but sometimes, I suppose, bad things have to happen to good (or “okay”) shows. I’m not familiar with Canadian television ratings and Netflix doesn’t release viewership data, so I really have no way of knowing if there’s a chance of Between getting a second season. If it does, though, I really hope that a completely new team of writers are brought in to somehow try and right this ship.

One last thought that I’ve been curious about for six episodes: how in the world does Adam fit all of his hair in those tiny hats?

What did you think about the first weekly Netflix series that we’ve gotten here in the states? Are you looking forward to a possible second season, or are you ready for the story to end here? Let us know down below!

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