Did Sean Hannity Steal his Legal Strategy from “Breaking Bad?”

Did Sean Hannity Steal his Legal Strategy from “Breaking Bad?”

Maybe Fox News is to blame for everything that Sean Hannity’s done in his career and continues to do. The author, political commentator, and talk show host is never far from controversy, and it surely doesn’t help that Fox has given Hannity few rules to go by. Now, the news channel has to care about more than just Hannity’s high ratings. The headaches and apologies Fox has to endure must be ever growing with Hannity’s continued role as Trump’s cheerleader. Now with news tickers repeatedly flashing Cohen’s name, even non-followers can notice that Hannity’s name is always close by.

Hannity’s relationship with Trump was never any secret. Some might even consider Hannity to be Trump’s true chief-of-staff. It isn’t any reach, then, to conclude that Hannity has had some dealings with Trump’s attorney and spokesperson, Michael Cohen. Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months now because of his business dealings. His office has been raided by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan recently to collect various records–an event that the President refers to as an attack on our nation. No one else will probably take it that far, as suspicions about Cohen’s activities have been rampant even before Trump won the elections.

Now, Hannity is being accused of having professional tie-ins with Cohen; many believe that Hannity has records in Cohen’s office, the very one that was raided. Of course, Hannity went on record forthright stating that Cohen has never represented him in the past. It’s an interesting statement, especially considering that Cohen’s team of lawyers has been trying to cover up one mystery client’s identity. This mystery client turned out to be Hannity, of course. After news of the disclosure spread faster than anyone could even prepare for, Hannity himself went on record to say that he has never dealt with Cohen traditionally. According to Hannity, he “never gave him a retainer. Never paid any fees. I may have handed him $10 once. I requested attorney-client privilege with him, and assumed our conversations would be confidential, but they have never involved any matter with him and any third party.”

No one’s ever accused Hannity of being senseless, so the immediate response to his statement was uproar. Surely, people immediately conjured up images of Breaking Bad’s second season episode titled, “Better Call Saul.” In this episode, attorney Saul Goodman (Odenkirk) advised Walt (Cranston) and Jesse (Paul) to “put a dollar in my pocket” to obtain attorney-client privilege. Sound familiar?

Could Hannity really be taking legal strategy from the popular show? The strategy must be really good because somehow Bob Odenkirk landed his own TV series of the same title based on that particular episode, Better Call Saul. The entire situation has garnered a Twitter storm of ridicule, as people continue to comment on the hilarity and obvious absurdity of it all. Hannity has probably lost all claims to truthful journalism or non-journalism–whatever it is he claims to actually do–even more than he already has in the past. We’re pretty sure that Fox is more than embarrassed, as they should be. The next step for Fox is obvious, and if they don’t drop Hannity as of yesterday, then the network may as well better call on Saul themselves for some advice.

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