Samuel L. Jackson Reboots Go The F To Sleep But for Coronavirus Quarantine

One should probably be a Jimmy Kimmel fan if they’re going to watch his show when it’s in the studio, but they should probably be a hardcore fan if they’re going to watch the home version of his show. Personally I miss his days from The Man Show with Adam Carolla when he would eat fried chicken skins and do various other stupid things that would be seen as misogyny at this point and might not be considered to be PC. One might think that having Samuel L. Jackson on his home show would be a mark in his favor, and some might agree that it is, but this is kind of cringe-worthy in a way that one has to wonder about. This makes me really wonder what PC culture is doing to the world at the moment and why no one else thinks that it’s possibly worse than the coronavirus since there’s no vaccine for PC other than to just go back to the way things were, which won’t happen since too many people have grown extremely over-sensitive over the years. Thankfully the poem that Jackson reads in this clip is suitable for one of his legendary status and doesn’t really pull a lot of punches when telling people go the F to sleep and stay the F home. Somehow people still aren’t getting that lesson no matter that states, entire STATES, are on lock down and the number of places that people can go has become incredibly limited.

Anyone been to the grocery store lately? That’s an obvious yes, so it should have been noticed by many that many, if not all, grocery stores have taken to taping lines at their checkout lanes to keep people at least two cart lengths away from each other, so as to keep the virus from spreading and to keep people as safe as they possibly can. You can keep expecting this type of PSA and announcement profile from a lot of celebrities in the days to come for a few reasons. One is that they’re bored most likely and need something to do, another is that they’re used to being bombarded by people even if some of them act as though they don’t like it, and three is that, well, somehow those of them that are extroverts can’t find a way to just chill and be comfortable in their luxurious homes, safe in the knowledge that they’re taken care of in every conceivable way. If the spotlight’s not on them, some of them at least, then some celebs aren’t all that happy and will find a way to reach an audience no matter who’s listening. And lo and behold, millions of people will be listening and watching as often as they can since when it comes to celebrities some people are no better than junkies, they just HAVE to know what’s going on in the lives of their favorite famous folks. Inga Korolkavaite and Liucija Adomaite of Bored Panda have more to offer on this topic.

To be fair, there are celebrities that are doing their part by helping out the less fortunate in a number of ways, and beyond just showing up and gracing people with their online presence. Some famous faces are donating money, meals, and other items as they’re needed to help those that are out of work, are in need of a little funding, and even just a little hope here and there to make things work. Things are pretty rough right now for some folks and getting that extra leg up is extremely important since just getting through the day is getting rough for some folks. Watching Samuel L. Jackson read a notably profane nursery rhyme that’s likely more for adults than anything is kind of amusing but it’s not doing much other than grandstanding as usual for a couple of celebrities that are hopefully doing more to help the common folk than just trying to make people laugh while kind of failing at it. Jeff Yeung of Hypebeast has more to say on this matter. Don’t get me wrong, both are funny men and know how to coax a laugh out of people, but when they’re off the screen and having to perform from home just like anyone else the reality of it kind of settles in and makes a lot of people realize that as big of a presence as they have, a lot of stars and celebrities are usually just ordinary people that are glammed up and given a larger than life persona when they’re on film. Otherwise they might as well be your rich next door neighbor that are about as plain or as interesting as anyone else.

Until they’re able to go back to work though you can expect a lot of celebrities to keep delivering PSA’s and showing themselves doing something online to help inspire or otherwise entertain the masses. Likely as not though we’ll get as many duds as successes.

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