Samsung Decided to Mock iPhones in Their Latest Commercial

Wow, now that was a slam and a straight arm right in the digital face. Can you remember a time now when the iPhone was actually THE best type of phone to have? Sadly I can remember when a Nokia was all the rage. Yes I just dated myself but c’mon, I do come from an era in which cell phones were still non-existent and then were big gray bricks with the kind of reception that still made phone booths necessary. These kind of phones weren’t even close to being a thing back then, but once they hit people kind of went, “Nokia? Nope, never tried it, is it an Asian dish?” Yeah, that’s how it felt when the iPhone and then the Samsung started getting popular.

Both phones had color, both of them had multiple functions that were a severe upgrade from the monochrome screens and endless minutes spent on a simple text. In other words they were the liberation of the masses from the boring and no longer useful phones that had been so cool just a decade or so before. Wait, was it even that long before the Nokia was replaced? I’m sure someone from this generation could tell you but to be honest everything’s been kind of a blur since I got my first cell phone.

Technology has been moving so fast that it seems as though the moment something comes out it’s bound to be obsolete by the end of the week. People will still buy the technology but they’ll be looking to upgrade eventually, meaning in a few months, to the next big thing that gives them more options and more capabilities that they might not need but definitely want. Honestly at this point it seems like people use about half of the apps on their phone even when they load them up and think that this is going to be the best, most life-changing device they will ever own.

A few weeks later the next phone comes out and that kind of blows their idea out of the water. This commercial though is a big indication that a lot of people seem to think that the iPhone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact in many ways the Samsung has proven to be superior the iPhone and a much better deal for the money. Using this in a commercial however might seem a little petty, especially when the lead character passes another guy using an iPhone near the end and just walks by him with a look that says “I was misguided too at one point”. It’s really subjective to put words into a commercial but that’s what it seems to say to me.

We’ve all made mistakes is what the commercial sums up as, since obviously the young woman’s Samsung is outperforming the iPhone in every conceivable way. It goes without saying that people will continue to buy the iPhone out of personal preference, but it’s also worth saying that the Samsung is the better phone, at least on paper and performance-wise.

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