Is It Safe to Say Dating a Kardashian is a Massive Risk that Might not be Worth It?

It’s more than safe to say that dating a Kardashian is a massive risk that’s just not worth it. Now let’s get things straight, Khloe Kardashian, who is pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s child, has already been married once and been cheated on, but it’s been rumored that after Tristan was caught cheating that she would be more likely to stay with him than kick him to the curb. That sounds about as ridiculous as you think it does since being cheated on once is bad enough, but keeping someone that’s alleged to be a serial cheater around, even when you’re expecting a child, is just flat out brainless. Regardless of their level of education it would seem that the Kardashians and their beaus are caught slipping quite often when it comes to being intelligent. On the one hand Tristan is very much in the wrong if he’s been cheating, especially on his pregnant girlfriend, but on the other hand Khloe isn’t that bright if she wants to keep a man that’s been known to cheat in the past and has recently cheated on her, especially after being married to a man that cheated on her.

Is there a trend happening here? There’s no defense for the cheating, but is there a reason perhaps? If the Kardashians were known to be rational people whose lives seemed just as charmed by what’s on the inside as what’s on the outside then a lot of people would be eating their words and perhaps changing their tune. But every time a person look at an article or hears anything about them it’s usually laced with the good, the bad, and the ‘holy *** what did they do now?’ That really seems to be how the Kardashian/Jenner clan thrives to be honest, by being as controversial and publicly humiliating as possible. It’s not enough to excuse the cheating, nothing can do that, but it’s enough that any man thinking of ever hooking up with an available sister within the family should think twice and run the other way. Very little good ever seems to come from being connected to the Kardashian’s unless a person is willing to toss away their pride and consign themselves to being a plaything of the family or of the media, or both.

The guys that come into their lives tend to get ruined either because the Kardashians make it so or because their brains go south and they begin to screw up in phenomenal ways that speak seem to indicate that they’re not really thinking. If they were thinking then they would leave the family alone and go elsewhere for their entertainment. But now that the Kardashian sisters have started having babies these guys, whether they’re still with them or not, are kind of stuck with the family for better or worse. Even if Khloe doesn’t decide to stay with Tristan after a while you can bet that she’s going to be nailing him for all he’s worth when it comes to child support, because despite having more money at her fingertips than many might ever seen in a lifetime, that’s a part of how the family works. If it doesn’t happen then many people might have to eat their words.

A lot of us might end up going hungry in that case.

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