The 10 Saddest TV Deaths in the Last 20 Years

There are quite a few tragic deaths on TV to talk about, but there are definitely some that are far more tragic than others thanks to the situations they occurred in and the investment that a lot of people had in the characters that met their end, whether it was expected or not. It’s easy to admit that some of the deaths on this list were hard for a lot of people to take, but some of them were expected, even if they were just as tragic as could be. There might be a lot that people feel have been missed, but these are ten of those that we believe are among the saddest given that they created a massive impact within the fanbase and, as one should be able to tell, managed to resonate with a lot of people in one way or another. The death of a favored character is never easy for a fan to take, but at times it’s quite necessary for a story to continue, or it’s a fitting end to a tale that might have come to a point that the writers intended.  Here are ten of the most tragic TV deaths in the last 20 years.

10. Walter White – Breaking Bad

It’s rather fitting that Walter should die by the end of this show since despite the intentions he had going into the meth business, which included taking care of his family, he did far more damage than he realized was possible.  The manner in which he went out was acceptable since it was on his terms, and it’s fair to say that if Jesse had shot him, that would have been acceptable too. 

9. Bellamy Blake – The 100

Pretty much every death that took place on this show was hard to take, well, most of them anyway, since the people that had made their way back to earth initially had already been through so much. But to see Bellamy, the guy that people used to hate and then came to like, get shot by Clarke of all people, is kind of hard to take since she’s been kind of a flake for most of the show. 

8. Jack Pearson – This Is Us

This show has been pure emotion from the start and it’s fair to think that a lot of people must have gone through boxes of tissue when watching one season after another. But the death of the patriarch of the family is likely to have made a lot of people stare in shock and wonder what was going to come next since like it or not, this was going to happen. 

7. Opie Winston – Sons of Anarchy

By the time his number was up, Opie had been through it, just to make it clear. He’d lost his wife, his father, and he had next to nothing to live for any longer, at least not in his mind. He was all-in for the club, no matter that Clay had taken nearly everything from him, and this felt like a mercy killing that Opie was happy to provide. 

6. Poussey Washington – Orange Is The New Black

The fact that Poussey’s death was accidental doesn’t matter a single bit since the situation at this prison had gone way out of hand before this ever happened. One has to remember that none of the women in the prison were sweet little girls any longer, but they still didn’t deserve the draconian measures that were often taken during this season. 

5. Barb – Stranger Things

Poor Barb. Out of all the deaths that occurred in Stranger Things, hers is probably one of the most tragic, even more so than Bob’s since at the very least, Bob had the chance to be happy with Joy for a little while. Barb was kind of the third wheel while with her friend Nancy, which means she died alone and without anyone to really wonder where she’d gone until it was too late. 

4. Ragnar Lothbrok – Vikings

This is one of the tragic deaths that still comes with the puffed up chest and the pride that arises from knowing that despite facing a bad death, Ragnar said what he had to say and in effect kind of spit in the eye of King Aella, who by the measure of this show was a cowardly king that also suffered a bad end at one point. It was fitting to be certain, especially after all that Ragnar had been through. 

3. Caitlin Todd – NCIS

This death ripped a hole in the NCIS crew for a while since the coming of Ziva David didn’t really smooth things over until much later. It was apparent that Sasha Alexander wanted to move on and didn’t feel like being tied to the show for that long. She was a great character while she lasted, and after a while, it was possible to get used to Ziva. 

2. Glen Rhee – The Walking Dead 

This death was already established in the comics, but time and again the show teased Glen’s death in a manner that started to frustrate the fans in a big way since they didn’t know when he was going to go, but they knew it was going to happen. When it did happen though people were still just as devastated. 

1. Hodor – Game of Thrones

What’s funny about this death, morbid as that might sound, is that a lot of people didn’t give Hodor much thought for a good part of the series, at least until it became obvious that he wasn’t going to be seeing the end of the show. This ending was particularly sad though since it was made evident that Hodor never had a chance to be who he might have been thanks to a bit of tampering that took place at a certain time. 

The deaths of TV characters are always hard to take, some more than others. 

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