The 10 Most Heartbreaking TV Character Deaths in the Last 20 Years

The 10 Most Heartbreaking TV Character Deaths in the Last 20 Years

The 10 Most Heartbreaking TV Character Deaths in the Last 20 Years

Television has a way of making us deeply invested in its characters, and when they meet their untimely end, it can be a gut-wrenching experience. Over the past 20 years, there have been numerous tragic deaths on TV that have left fans reeling. Some were expected, while others came as a complete shock. Here, we delve into ten of the most heartbreaking TV character deaths in recent memory, exploring the impact they had on both the storylines and the viewers.

10. Walter White – Breaking Bad

Walter White’s death was a fitting end to Breaking Bad, as his initial intentions of providing for his family through the meth business ultimately caused more harm than good. Walter’s demise was on his terms, and had Jesse pulled the trigger, it would have been just as poignant.

9. Bellamy Blake – The 100

Many deaths on The 100 were difficult to stomach, but Bellamy Blake’s demise was particularly hard-hitting. Initially despised, Bellamy eventually won over fans, only to be shockingly killed by Clarke, a character who had been inconsistent throughout the series.

8. Jack Pearson – This Is Us

This Is Us has been an emotional rollercoaster from the start, and Jack Pearson’s death was no exception. As the family’s patriarch, his passing left viewers in shock and wondering what would come next for the beloved characters.

7. Opie Winston – Sons of Anarchy

Opie Winston’s death in Sons of Anarchy was a mercy killing of sorts. Having lost his wife, father, and with little left to live for, Opie’s loyalty to the club ultimately led to his tragic end.

6. Poussey Washington – Orange Is The New Black

Poussey Washington’s accidental death in Orange Is The New Black was a stark reminder of the chaos within the prison. While none of the inmates were innocent, the harsh measures taken during this season made Poussey’s death all the more tragic.

5. Barb – Stranger Things

Barb’s death in Stranger Things was one of the most heartrending, even more so than Bob’s. While Bob experienced happiness with Joy, Barb was left as the third wheel with her friend Nancy, dying alone and unnoticed until it was too late.

4. Ragnar Lothbrok – Vikings

Ragnar Lothbrok’s death in Vikings was a proud yet tragic moment. Despite facing a brutal end, Ragnar managed to defy King Aella, a cowardly ruler who would eventually meet his own gruesome fate. Ragnar’s death was a fitting conclusion to his tumultuous journey.

3. Caitlin Todd – NCIS

Caitlin Todd’s death in NCIS left a void in the team that took time to heal. Sasha Alexander, the actress who portrayed Caitlin, wanted to move on, and her character’s departure paved the way for Ziva David’s introduction. While Ziva eventually became a fan favorite, Caitlin’s death was a significant loss for the show.

2. Glen Rhee – The Walking Dead

Glen Rhee’s death in The Walking Dead was foreshadowed in the comics, but the show teased his demise repeatedly, frustrating fans. When it finally happened, viewers were left devastated by the loss of this beloved character.

1. Hodor – Game of Thrones

Hodor’s death in Game of Thrones was a particularly heartbreaking moment, as it revealed that he never had the chance to live the life he could have had due to interference from the past. Hodor’s sacrifice left a lasting impact on fans and the series as a whole.

These ten tragic TV deaths serve as a reminder of the emotional power that television can hold over its viewers, leaving lasting impressions and shaping the stories we love.

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