The Saddest Super Mario Brothers Theme Song You’ll Ever Hear

It’s almost impossible to count the amount of Super Mario Brothers theme song renditions that are on Youtube right now.  Not only do amateur musicians constantly fiddle with the theme to make new ones out of every instrument imaginable, the theme has been added to numerous concerts by huge bands including the likes of Phish and Pearl Jam.  However I can honestly say that with all of the themes out there I’ve never heard one as somber as this.

The interesting part is that as someone who played piano I’m miffed that this seemingly hasn’t been done before.  Someone decided to play the entire theme song in a minor key.  For those who don’t really know music a minor key usually involves a lot of the black keys on the piano.  When something is played in a minor key the song tends to get a more sad, ominous tone.  In the case of Super Mario Brothers, it takes a theme that has a light hearted, fun fluidity to it, to that of one that just might give you nightmares.

Frankly I’m surprised this video only has 15K views.  We should try to bump it up a little.

Check out Super Mario Brothers theme in minor below:

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