Rumor Suggests New Secret Star Wars TV Show is Coming to Disney + in 2020

Rumor Suggests New Secret Star Wars TV Show is Coming to Disney + in 2020

Don’t get too excited by the picture above since at this time even the ‘secret’ Star Wars TV show that’s supposedly coming is more rumor than anything. And unfortunately it’s not likely to be about Boba Fett, though there is some hope that the infamous bounty hunter might show up in one program or another since fans have been invested in him for so long that it feels natural to want a little payout on the idea that he could come back at one point. But as Kevin Burwick from TVWeb makes it clear this story will be about an obscure character by the name of Doctor Aphra, someone that a few fans might know about considering that she apparently works for Darth Vader, but many will be wondering about since it’s not a name that a lot of us have heard all that often. While the story isn’t fully developed at this point it does sound as though it would take place sometime after the Return of the Jedi, meaning that it could very easily run the chance of coinciding with other stories that have emerged since then. The idea that the character will be a lesbian according to the creator is kind of a side note really since unless it’s going to be a major part of the character it’s only worth mentioning if the subject comes up.

In some ways diversity is starting to create a very positive effect in Star Wars, but as it was seen in The Last Jedi, pushing the envelope too much makes a lot of people feel kind of overwhelmed and even a bit resentful that it’s being shoved upon them in such a manner. It’s a big galaxy, people get it, diversity is going to be necessary and it’s going to be something that furthers the story, but to date, with the prequels and the current trilogy, there is a lot more diversity than there used to be in the Star Wars universe, though it’s a wonder if some folks can see it. In any case, this story could be something interesting since it depicts a character that might not be wholly evil but is still beholden to a very ruthless and evil person that helped to subjugate the galaxy in an iron grip of terror. Before the show does make its way to the public though it’s likely that it would be a good idea to provide a bit of background on Doctor Aphra since with the wealth of secondary and extra characters in Star Wars it’s very easy to lose track of someone that hasn’t had a lot of back story but is still considered important enough to get a show. While her comic book series was featured between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi it’s hard to say what will be done when it comes to the show that people are already talking about. It’s also hard to say whether or not she’ll be given the murder bots that she rolls with and the wookie bounty hunter that showed up at her side in the comics.

One thing that is known however is that she’s likely only going to be recognized by the more hardcore fans that read every line of literature that’s been released in the Star Wars universe. Other stories focusing on Obi-wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor are likely going to draw more attention mostly because they’ve been on the big screen and, in the case of Kenobi, he’s been a part of the story for a long, long time now. Jesse Schedeen of IGN has more to say on that subject. Getting people pumped up about Aphra might take some time and some doing since the characters that have received the most attention and most love throughout the years still took a while to become known and famous. Even those that have been continuing on the animated programs have yet to really stick with a huge portion of the fan base since the classics are still so desired. Of course there’s a good reason why The Mandalorian is doing so well, and that’s because many upon many people were excited to see more about the vaunted warrior culture that has been a part of the Star Wars universe for decades. Getting pumped about Aphra might take a while depending on how the story is crafted and how it’s marketed to the public. If it comes in and is instantly popular that might be the ideal, but given how fickle Star Wars fans can be the idea that she’ll be instantly embraced on the small screen is kind of hard to see at this point.

It’s a big universe, and there are plenty of stories out there that could be brought into the fold, so hopefully Doctor Aphra will be welcomed by the fans.

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