10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roxy Sternberg

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roxy Sternberg

Roxy Sternberg is not new to television. She has appeared on such programs as the NBC miniseries Emerald City, the Netflix show Chewing Gum and AMC’s program Into the Badlands. However, she takes a major step forward with her part in Mars, an upcoming science fiction drama series set for broadcast on National Geographic. According to Essence, she will play the role of Jen Carson. She works as a foreman in operations for the mining colony at Lukrum. There is a sort of tension between the biologists and the geologists, and Sternberg’s character is dating one of the biologists, which means that there will be multiple layers of drama going on. Fans of the new show, and of Sternberg’s work, may be surprised to know some fun facts about her life. She is definitely one of the most interesting stars in this new generation of television actors. Don’t miss Mars as it enters its second season on National Geographic. One of the benefits for audiences in this era of expanding channels is that there is more and more content out there to choose from. We’ve come a long way from the days when you had four or five channels to choose from, with the channel’s going dark at midnight. More content means more choices, and it also means more oportunities for writers and actors. We expect Sternberg’s star to keep rising in this field, not just to Mars but way beyond. Here are some fun facts that you probably did not know about Roxy Sternberg.

1. Sternberg’s on-screen acting career dates all the way back to 2012

According to IMDB.com, she played the role Olu in the film Meeting Place. This independent film did not get a lot of notice from the critical world, but every actor’s resume includes some pieces that are less glamorous than others. Remember when Robin Williams starred in RV? Peter Jackson, the director made famous by the Lord of the Rings series, got his start in extremely low-budget horror film. This is where Sternberg got her start, and now she’s getting the biggest chance of her career.

2. Sternberg has made an appearance in the Law and Order franchise

One of the most dominant sets of series and spin-offs is Law and Order. She did not make an appearance in the main series, but she did have a minor role in an episode of the brief spin-off Law and Order: UK. The series did not last long, but she got a spot in the television empire produced by Dick Wolf, and that sort of exposure pays off in the long run.

3. Roxy has a boyfriend

She remains very private about her personal life. If you look for her on Instagram or Facebook, you won’t find personal profiles for her — just pages for her as an actor. She doesn’t tweet, and she doesn’t post on Snapchat. However, she has had a boyfriend since 2016. His name is Flax, and while there are not many photographs of them together, according to eDailyBuzz, they have been together for four years and are still going strong.

4. Sternberg’s faith is very important to her

Roxy grew up practicing the Jewish faith, and her synagogue was very important to her growing up as a member of a minority within another minority. On Sundays, Sternberg still teaches classes when she is in town. She is dedicated to passing her faith along to those who come after her, so that they can find the same encouragement from their faith that she finds from hers.

5. Sternberg’s mother is from Uganda

She came to the United Kingdom at the age of fifteen years old, part of an extremely small number of Jewish people from Africa. She found acceptance at the West London Synagogue, which was a major part of making the UK a welcoming environment for her.

6. Sternberg got her start on the stage

The play It’s a Lot, which became a cult favorite in the UK, featured her in the lead role. She got that opportunity soon after graduating from the Royal Holloway University in London. It was not long after that success that she got noticed for roles on the screen, and now her future seems set for the small screen — and perhaps the big screen as well.

7. Sternberg is now a “Yank.”

While Sternberg is proud of her UK roots, she has followed her acting career to the United States. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, making her closer to the sets of the American studios that are making her more and more famous. Living on this side of the Atlantic will just make her more ac

8. Sternberg will get a lot more exposure on National Geographic than you might think

In addition to the channel’s lineup of nature programming, National Geographic has the new game show Brain Games in an attempt to broaden its market share. Dramas like Sternberg’s show will bring her fans to this channel and increase the likelihood of more content like it.

9. Sci fi programming continues to be one of the most popular story forms in television, both network and cable

The sitcom is on the way out, and a lot of channels are relying heavily on reality programming to avoid having to pay actors and writers. However, the sci fi genre remains strong. Actors like Sternberg will continue to get chances in a genre that has been popular since the days of H.G. Wells.

10. Sternberg’s star is going to continue to grow

She has shown considerable range in the opportunities that she has had so far, and the size of her audience has increased with every stop. It’s great to see actors getting chances like this in an era when budgets are shrinking. If you’re not following her social media pages, you can find her professional profiles on a number of applications and platforms.

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