Our Five Favorite Rowena Moments on Supernatural

Our Five Favorite Rowena Moments on Supernatural

Rowena Supernatural

The hit television series “Supernatural” features the Winchester brothers as key actors and they get their share of the glory, but where would Dean be if it wasn’t for Rowena? Actress Ruth Connell plays the pivotal part of the powerful witch who saved Dean Winchester’s bacon from the Mark of Cain. Don’t start believing that she’s a lady with perfect intentions though. While she was doing her good deed, she was in the process of unleashing “The Darkness,” which is perhaps the most evil force that we’ve seen on the series so far. To pay homage to this important character, here are the top 5 Rowena moments on “Supernatural.”

Rowena vs. Lucifer

This is one of the best encounters between Lucifer and Rowena we’ve seen on the show. The dark lord needs Rowena’s assistance because only she can conjure a spell that will restore him to his former glory. When she tells him that the spell may not last, he makes a deadly threat that makes her plead for her life and explain why she is still of use to him. She vows that the spell she is about to conjure WILL last. As she performs the last step, Lucifer begins to decay. She had tricked him and although she cannot destroy him, she can at least slow him down to buy herself more time.

Rowena has a soft side

In this touching scene, Rowena tells a captive Sam Winchester that she regrets many of the things that she’s done in her life. .She admits that it has cost her everyone that she loves. She has Sam tied in a chair and brings him to the brink of death so she can meet with the grim reaper to negotiate a way to bring her dead son back to life. Death refuses so Rowena threatens to kill Sam and upset the natural order of things. Death tells her to go ahead, but she won’t like the consequences. Again, we see the tender and human side of Rowena as death gently gives her a pep talk.

The boys catch Gabriel and Rowena in the act

Gabriel and Rowena are having an awkward conversation about a failed spell. He’s thinking impure thoughts about her, but little did he know that she is reading his mind. She toys with him a bit and then the scene switches to the Winchesters making plans. They pack up and head over, and much to everyone’s surprise, they catch Gabriel and Rowena in the act.

Rowena saves the boys from the witches

It seems that Sam and Dean just can’t do without Rowena. As the witches use their powers to mess the boys up, Rowena arrives just in time to save the day, but not before they get slammed into a few walls. These two are having just a little too much fun. Rowena just can’t seem to help herself when it comes to the Winchester boys. She has a really big soft spot in her heart for them.

Lucifer breaks free and tries to kill Rowena

Lucifer reminds Rowena of the time that he tried to burn her to death. He recounts the smell of her burning flesh. She is sickened beyond belief and can’t seem to contain herself. Before he began his sick tirade, she just tried to ignore his irritating humming, but Lucifer found a way to get her angry. He knew what he was doing the whole time. He had regenerated enough to summon the power to break his bonds. Before he made his move, he wanted to torture Rowena a bit. Believing he is still bound, she taunts him, telling him that he doesn’t matter to anyone, but to her dismay he breaks free and attempts to choke her to death. Rowena had one more trick up her sleeve and summons the power to break free from his near fatal grip on her throat. She narrowly escaped his clutches once again, but we all know that he’ll be back again. He’s not the forgive and forget type of guy.

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