Rosamund Pike to Star as Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie in Biopic from Amazon

Rosamund Pike to Star as Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie in Biopic from Amazon

Amazon is kind of swinging for the fences as it backs the biopic of Marie Curie in Radioactive, which will star Rosamund Pike as the fabled Nobel prize winner. It almost seems as though they’re trying to take to streaming leaps and bounds as though to make certain that they’re not out of the running for being one of the most successful platforms to have come out in the past decade. It’s a gamble to be sure but Radioactive should at least turn a few heads since Rosamund Pike is a great actress and can deliver on a role.

In terms of looks you can’t really say much since Hollywood can do a lot with what they have to work with. Rosamund Pike is a very attractive woman and when placed next to this picture of Curie wouldn’t be all that believable. But after allowing the makeup folks to work their magic along with the hair stylists and those in charge of the wardrobe it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve the desired look. The acting is what’s going to be the most important and Pike has shown that she has the acting talent to take a role and run with it. The act of Amazon attempting to come out as a contender in the streaming business is something that seems natural since there are a number of different services that are attempting to stay relevant or to take on the top contenders like Netflix, but so far a lot of them still can’t quite reach those heights.

It’s a bit ironic that Curie, who was such an important name in history when it came to the discovery of radioactivity, died from constant exposure to it. There’s not much to say other than it was still a new discipline and people were still learning what was safe and what was not. When working with radioactive materials today people are fully covered from head to toe and are beyond careful when it comes to handling various substances. Back then however there might have been safety measures but they still weren’t enough to stand against constant exposure for so long.

Regardless of how she passed Curie was still an important person since it was her work that allowed us to know anything about radioactivity today and her findings that were carried forward. The movie is going to be taking a look at Curie during her rise to prominence as a professor and her life outside of her studies so as to give a bit of a humanistic lean to a woman that many people know for what she contributed to the world but few would know about when it came to her actual life. It could be interesting to find out how such an intelligent woman spent her time, just to see if she was all business or if she did relax and have a bit of fun now and again. So far this film has no release date as it’s just started production.

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