“Roman Israel, Esq.” – Denzel Washington’s Latest Movie

“Roman Israel, Esq.” – Denzel Washington’s Latest Movie

“Roman Israel, Esq.” – Denzel Washington’s Latest Movie

The talented and popular veteran actor Denzel Washington is set to appear in yet another film that showcases his amazing acting ability. “Roman Israel, Esq.” This is the story of a lawyer who experiences intense conflict and difficulty in his new law firm. The original title of the film was “Inner City” as the film was made, but it was changed to the name of the character that Washington plays.

Here is what we know about the new movie so far.

Setting and plot

The story takes place in the 1970s. The wardrobe and hairstyles reflect the era and we’re going to see Denzel sporting an afro. Israel is a liberal lawyer who does the lion’s share of the work while his partners in the prestigious L.A. firm take all of the credit for a job well done. Israel’s partner who hogs the glory has a heart attack. He had previously taken the lead, but Roman is obliged to fill his position. As he steps into the lead, he discovers that the law firm had been involved in practices that were in opposition to his personal and professional values. They took advantage of the dispossessed and poor and this places Israel in the position of needing to address the crisis through extreme actions.

Release Date

The film is set to be released into theaters on November 3, 2017. There are already predictions being made that suggest the film may well be the vehicle for a few Oscars as well as other awards. Dan Gilroy is the director and along with Denzel in the lead, it gives analysts a bit of confidence that the film is already headed in a positive direction towards great success.

Cast and crew

Denzel Washington leads the cast in the starring role as the main character Roman Israel. He is joined by Colin Farrell who also plays the part of an attorney. Carman Ejogo appears as Nazneen Contractor along with Joseph David-Jones as Marcus Jones. Andrew T. Lee is James Lee and Shelley  Hennig is Olivia.

The film was announced towards the end of August in 2016, with photography to start in March of 2017. Filming began under the title “Inner City,” but the name of the film was changed to “Roman Israel, Esq.” in late June of this year. It is believed that the film will be a big success at the box office. We’ve not yet seen the trailer for the film but we’re hoping that one will be available soon. We were able to see some amazing photos taken on the set. Denzel is going to have a total makeover and the look is a little more than surprising.

Physical Transformation

We’re expecting some really great performances from him in the upcoming film. Will his physical transformation also signal a change in his acting style for the movie? He’s looking a bit rumpled in some of the photos and it’s not fitting with the suave intellectual that we’ve seen in many of his previous films. Yes, he’s a lawyer in the movie but the photos that we’ve seen show him in some fairly baggy street clothes and he appears to be sporting a belly. This is intriguing and we’re not quite sure what to expect just yet, but hey, this is Denzel so it’s got to be good.

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